Want To Use Evesham PC with 110V Power Supply

  Ken Ju-On 21:23 13 Jun 2003


I've bought an Evesham PC, and I want to use it in Jamaica, where the power supply is 110V.

I hear that you can flip a switch at the back of the computer to adjust the power supply, but I found no flippable switch at the back of my PC. Is this because, since Evesham is a British manufacturer, their power supplies simply not designed to be used with 110V supplies?

I've also heard that most modern power supplies automatically adjust themselves to the input voltage. Will this be the case for my computer?

Please tell me the best solution for me to use my apparently stubborn Evesham PC abroad.

  jazzypop 21:30 13 Jun 2003

Look carefully at the back of the PC, where the power lead enters the PC. There should be a small plate fixed to or printed on the PSU (Power Supply Unit), stating the allowable input voltage.

If it says something like 210~230V, forget it. If it says 110~230V, you should be fine.

If you can't see a marking, ring Evesham.

The loder PSUs had a switch that you set to either 110 or (then) 240V - most nowadays are auto-sensing.

Check your monitor carefully for the same type of information.

  Philip2 21:30 13 Jun 2003

Why not contact Evesham Tech support for the info you require??.

  Ken Ju-On 21:52 13 Jun 2003

Thanks, Jazzypop.

The reason I am reluctant to contact Evesham tech support is because I have found them rather un-supportive as far as I've known.

  Valvegrid 22:02 13 Jun 2003

Does it say in the specs in the user manual? Don't forget all the other hardware as well.


  Philip2 11:00 14 Jun 2003

What you said is true at times but you paid the price nag them till you get the info you require
you are asking a very resonable question.

  Philip2 11:01 14 Jun 2003

Sorry for spelling error.

  DieSse 11:48 14 Jun 2003

Simple way - buy an auto-transformer that takes 110V in and gives 230V out.

Be aware that the monitor, printer and any other devices will also need to be catered for - you can run them all off a good sized transformer.

Or - when you get to Jamaica, buy a new 110/115V power supply.

Or - before you go, get a new power supply that DOES have a voltage switch - check before you buy, tho'.

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