want to upgrade my prossesor

  leehalladay 10:36 25 May 2006

i have an ASRock K7VT2 2.00 motherboard with a 1266mhz AMD prossesor. is this the fastest prossesor that this motherboard can take? if not what is the fastest i can put in it or do i need a new motherboard aswell and whats the best on a tight budget??

  Pamy 11:44 25 May 2006

Look in your manual or look on the Asrock site for details.


  ed-0 18:52 25 May 2006

good news. Your motherboard can take up to a XP 2600+ click here.

You will probably have a bit of trouble buying them new, but you should be able to get a good selection from ebay.

Hope this helps;-)

  ed-0 18:54 25 May 2006

Forgot to say the 2600+ runs at 2.133Ghz, a bit faster than the one you are using.

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