Want to upgrade graphics card

  Jiggy666 21:28 03 Dec 2005

I currently have a crap GeForce MX420 and its pants. The card is currently in PCI bus 1, does this mean that when i buy an upgrade do i buy agp or pci card. Im looking at the GeForce 6800GT, would it work

  rdave13 21:30 03 Dec 2005

Try click here
Will test your system and reccomend card.

  rdave13 21:32 03 Dec 2005


  Totally-braindead 21:36 03 Dec 2005

If you have an AGP port, they are dark brown, then you can buy an AGP card. If however you only have PCI slots, they are white, you will be struggling to get anything decent. click here

  gudgulf 21:53 03 Dec 2005

I know exactly what you mean about the mx420 pci card...I've got one.

I don't use it much as I have decent AGP cards in my two pcs.It does however do a perfectly adequate job on anything other than playing games.......so here's my advice.

Whatever you get to update it may I suggest you keep hold of the mx420.

Should you ever have trouble with a graphics card you then have a working spare...better yet, as it's a pci card it will still be useful when you upgrade to a PCI express based computer.

  rdave13 22:38 03 Dec 2005

Have you tested your system with Crucial?

  Jiggy666 16:47 04 Dec 2005

OK, ive been to crucial and theyve suggested a crucial RADEON X700 256MB. How much better is this card than geforce mx420 and is it worth £100.
Thanks for all your help people

  GaT7 16:58 04 Dec 2005

I reckon a 6600GT is better than a X700 & about the £100 mark. Your original choice, the 6800GT, is even better but may be about twice the price.

What is your sytem spec? The more details the better, including power supply (PSU) rating. Also, what do you do on your PC? If you plan to play games (especially the latest), a 6600GT should be the minimum you go for. G

  GaT7 17:02 04 Dec 2005

Article & benchmarks click here.

Some sample prices:

6600GTs AGP (sorted by ascending prices) click here

6800GTs AGP (sorted by ascending prices)
click here. G

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