Want to unhide Partition in partition magic 8

  FootyDave 15:41 23 Jun 2005

I have created a D: partition for my data. When I originally split the partition, the data files were copied successfully, but the partition was created as hidden and has no drive letter. I've tried to correct this. I've right-clicked the DATA partition, and into ADVANCED > UNHIDE PARTITION. Once I've said I want to unhide the message, I get another message....

"OS/2 and OS/2 or W95/98/Me do not support multiple visible primary partitions. If you unhide this partition and then boot OS/2 or W95/98/Me, data loss can occur."

I click 'Continue with Unhide'.

When the PC reboots, I get prompted to rename the drives in the DriveMapper. I changed E to F, then D to E. Windows Explorer shows no changes and the DATA partition is still hidden in Partition Manager.

Is there any way I can unhide the partition where I've put the data. (Although I did back my data up).

Many thanks for any help,

  woodchip 15:49 23 Jun 2005

That is your problem, When you created the D:\ Partition you must have created another primary partition It should have been a Logical. See if it will let you change it to a Logical Partition

  FootyDave 17:44 23 Jun 2005

That's great - I've converted it to a logical partition, and unhid it as well.

Before I close the thread, I have a primary, extended partition of 2.5 gb in addition to my C (O/S) and D (the data) drives. Do I need the extended partition - can I delete it?


  woodchip 17:48 23 Jun 2005

yes then expand one of the other partitions to get the free spce it leavs

  FootyDave 14:54 24 Jun 2005

I deleted the extended partition Ok. One more question - since I started trying to set up the partition, I don't get any sound from CDs (although they play OK)

I have a DVD player on the PC too and the sound plays OK on the DVDs.

Any ideas where I could start to resolve this? I use Windows media Player.

  woodchip 20:05 24 Jun 2005

Some may work direct through sound card, but you would do well to buy a Analog wire to connect the CD drive to the sound card

  FootyDave 11:09 25 Jun 2005

I'm not really au fait with these sort of things. Would I be able to get the analog wire from any decent PC shop, and is it a simple job to fit it?

  woodchip 21:31 25 Jun 2005

Yep normally two sockets at the back of the drive it will only fit one, there will if a modern drive be a digital and analog. the analog is the big socket about 1\2" wide.
you can get them at any PC shop about £2

If it's a onboard sound the plug or Header pins will be on the Motherboard it may be printed by the pins on the Mobo.

If it's a PCI sound card, there may also be two sockets just as on drive.

  FootyDave 11:43 30 Jun 2005

thanks, i hope i can get it to work!

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