Want "Silent Drive" but have 2HDD and only......

  SDJ 22:52 03 Mar 2003

1 5.25 bay available.

My drives are a 40gb Maxtor (5400rpm) and a 80gb Seagate (7200rpm) which one should get the Silent Drive and does anyone have any suggestions what to do with the second.

I havent been able to find out which one makes the most noise as I have only just found that it is the drives giving me the headache, I am very sensitive to the higher pitch tones.

Is there any way I could insulate the 3.5 drive bays? I have an Antec soho case with 2 removable 3.5 drive bays.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  MAJ 23:01 03 Mar 2003

Install the 80 gig and give me the 40 gig, SDJ. :-)

Seriously though, I know what you mean, I have the same problem with bats when I'm out for a stroll at night. Be careful if you find a way to insulate the drive bays, you don't want a heat build up either.

  SDJ 11:36 04 Mar 2003

Cheers MAJ, so it would be an idea to insulate the drive bay itself? I do have a silent fan cooling the drives at present (mounted infront of the drives and bring in air from the front of the case.

Anyone else with any comments?

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