Want to show a location

  starlet 06:21 29 Jul 2008

I want to show on a webpage on a new site I am building for work a link through to my bosses works via Google Earth,can anyone explain to me how when I put a button on the page do I make a link to Google Earth,all atempts so far have failed, I have the pages designed but cannot find a way to do it.I just seem to be missing something.

Your help would be fantastic.


  MAJ 10:29 29 Jul 2008

Sounds like you want Google Maps API (for directions) to your work site? You need to signup for an API key (free), but it's all pretty painless. click here If I've got the wrong end of the stick and you want something else, sorry.

  starlet 16:39 29 Jul 2008

Thanks Maj,

This is just what Iv'e been looking for, I am a newbie at this so this will be a great help.



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