Want to READ '******' (password) >>

  User-4CC88CE5-DA27-44EE-A0310A8D232498A3 13:39 15 Apr 2004

Saw a piece of software recently (but can't remember where) that reads the asterisks (*****) of the PASSWORD box >>>

Useful for recording / transfering email accounts etc. to new computer..

Anyone know where to get it? Or any further suggestions - so I can verify my account PASSWORD?


  Peter 13:48 15 Apr 2004


I think the software you may be looking for is called "Snadboy Revelation".

Have a try at a Google search for it and you will probably find the Web Site for an up to date source of the file.

If you have any problems finding it email me (little yellow envelope to the left of my name) and I can email you the small (220K) freeware file.


  Peter 13:52 15 Apr 2004


Try click here


  anon1 14:24 15 Apr 2004

Lol thats a new one (not), "verify my own password" why not get a keylogger then you can see everything that is typed including passwords.

  Djohn 14:46 15 Apr 2004

I usually "Verify" my passwords by typing them in to see if they work! ;o)

  Tjsuk11 15:06 15 Apr 2004

I think there may have been an article in one of PC advisor magazines a couple of month's back, may even have been on one of the cover dvd's. Sorry but can't remember the name of the software.

  Stuartli 16:06 15 Apr 2004

I think you intended to type blobs rather than asterisks....:-)

Many of the passwords shown in this way have had additional characters added to prevent general attempts to solve them.

If you wish to transfer an e-mail account(s) to a new computer surely you know the passwords etc?

  Kate B 16:20 15 Apr 2004

I asked this very question recently - here's the link to the thread with lots of helpful replies:
click here

Aren't we all oozing cynicism?

Tjsuk11 - Peter
Winners for most constructive attempts (have a gold star each) Yes I think I did see it on a magazine disk - should have noted more carefully - now have to trawl.

Will look at Snadboy - thanks.

In fact - my predicament is genuine - trying to solve mystery of why cannot get my shiney new PC to log onto an old email account. Not trying to hack my way into the Whitehouse.

Ah yes, memories of the X-files still linger for some of you boffs, I suspect! ;0)

Any further help / usefulness welcome..

  anon1 17:00 15 Apr 2004

Djohn surely if you type in your password and it works that verifies it. If it fails then you got it wrong. Of course if you cannot remember your password then you may as a last resort need to recovery it. In most cases you have an option to "remind me" of the password you chose. For those who cant resist click here

  scotty 17:01 15 Apr 2004

I used a program called Revelation (could be the snadboy prog) recently when changing from Outlook Express to Outlook. It is exactly what you need for this job.

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