want to re-use old monitor with 1280x1024 resolution. Which PC?

  MrDodge 20:06 30 Dec 2014

The LCD monitor has VGA and DVI-D inputs, and the native resolution is [email protected], i.e. the old fashioned aspect ratio rather than widescreen. I'd prefer to use the digital connection. So should I avoid PCs that have a video output with HDMI, and try to find one with DVI? I realise that HDMI to DVI adapter cables are available, but I'm wondering if 1280x1024 might cause a problem. thanks in advance guys

  rdave13 21:56 30 Dec 2014

I would contact PC manufacturers for this issue. It will depend on the graphics card and, up to a point, the OS. You could call Novatech or similar manufacturers, and ask their advice. That way you are guaranteed of the PC being compatible with what you need.

I can't recommend any other as most PCs I've bought have been off-the-shelf as it were. I've built from an empty tower case using their site. Not cheap but pretty good in my humble opinion.

  wee eddie 22:42 30 Dec 2014

1280 x 1024 is a fairly common Native Resolution.

I would be most surprised if any "On-Board" Graphics and graphics Cards are not able to handle it.

  rdave13 23:35 30 Dec 2014

I will leave you to wee eddie 's expertise on this as your inputs are VGA and DVI-D only. I'm sure he can recommend a PC.

  wee eddie 00:26 31 Dec 2014

rdave13: I wouldn't recommend anyone a cup of coffee, let alone a PC.

There's no such thing as anyones perfect PC and we have no idea of his budget, let alone what he plans to use it for.

  rdave13 00:40 31 Dec 2014

wee eddie ,There's no such thing as anyones perfect PC and we have no idea of his budget, let alone what he plans to use it for..

Precisely, hence my recommendation to a PC builder that can answer these questions. See my first post.

  MrDodge 10:46 01 Jan 2015

thanks for the replies fellas. I just want a budget desktop for a few hundred quid that can handle web browsing, word processing and email. I'd also be surprised if a new PC couldn't handle 1280x1024, but then I was surprised when I viewed the spec of an ACER Aspire XC-115, as it has HDMI and VGA video out connectors. This means that in order to use the digital input of my old monitor, I'd have to buy an adapter to convert HDMI to DVI. I've read mixed reports on how well this has worked for some users. It made be wonder if HDMI can support 1280x1024. I prefer to avoid re-scaling.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:02 01 Jan 2015

By amy PC with a dedicated graphics card, rather than relying on the on-board graphics. I believe I am right in saying all graphics cards have at least one DVI output.

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