Want a media center PC or Laptop, Help!

  Big Ben 21:53 18 Feb 2006

Hello there, I'm looking to buy a new computer, not decided if i want a laptop or desktop one, but would like media center to be on it.

Don't have a huge amount of cash, so i'm looking from the bottom end! Any suggestions?


  Mytob 23:49 18 Feb 2006

dont go for a lapto as from experiance they are a fortune to fix and they cost you more in the first place! as for the lcd screens on them u break that just throw int in the bin! as for pcs id stay away from the intel chips and go for a amd. if you want a budject pc go for a sempron or for a higher end one you may risk a amd 64 though id wait till vista comes out as xp 64 is aporling. best bet for 64 bit is a linux distro such as suse as its been 64 bit for a long time and hell its free and real easy to pick up. as for where to get it try your local pc fair or a local biulder as they tend to be cheaper than pc world ect iv found and can make you one to suit your needs. if your not into gaming id forget windows and get a linux distro and save ursef some mony. i use it and can highly recomed suse for beginners.

  007al 00:00 19 Feb 2006

He wants media centre on it.
Big Ben
What sort of money are you looking at spending?
What else will you use it for?

  Mytob 00:33 19 Feb 2006

just highlighting that there is more out there than windoz! and its free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Big Ben 00:42 19 Feb 2006

Ok i like the features of media center and want windows as it seems the most compatible os. ideally i want to be able to run it through my tv aswell as the monitor. just been looking around and a bit overwhelmed with it all. will want a monitor, unit and keyboard etc. just want to know if anyone has got any suggestions, will be using the net and games would nice, though not essential. upgradability is a preference aswell!


  Big Ben 18:54 19 Feb 2006

anyone else?

  SG Atlantis® 19:05 19 Feb 2006

money, need to know how much you can spend?

  Confab 19:10 19 Feb 2006

Dell are offering free media centre upgrades. Check out their website

  SG Atlantis® 19:26 19 Feb 2006

upgrading can be a big issue with Dells.

  Confab 19:27 19 Feb 2006

Why is that? I've just ordered one

  SG Atlantis® 19:32 19 Feb 2006

custom parts, lack of slots on the motherboards etc.

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