Want to Learn web design

  Completealias 00:04 26 Oct 2004

Hi all

Have done a bit of VB6 programming but want to learn how to design a website. I have a copy of macromedia studio 4 (dreamweaver + firworks) and flash mx.

Has any one got any good links for tutorials or can recommend any good books?

  quack 09:18 26 Oct 2004

As you will see from various posts in this forum, Dreamweaver etc. requires a fairly steep learning curve. If you have a copy of Frontpage installed I would respectfully suggest that you use that to get to grips with the basics of webdesign. The programme is very versatile and much easier for a complete novice to get to grips with.

  Completealias 15:15 26 Oct 2004

Cheers quack I do have frontpage 2000 any links for a good tutorial?

  quack 20:43 26 Oct 2004

Try the tutorials on click here

  Completealias 21:04 26 Oct 2004

Cheers quack will do

  Taran 21:18 26 Oct 2004

There is an official Microsoft download for FrontPage 2000 that extracts to your hard drive as a website. The extracted website then teaches you how to make your own Millennium celebration site in FrontPage 2000, and covers all of the basic and some of the intermediate skills and tools FrontPage has to offer.

Try click here

Likewise, Microsoft also offer their own web based tutorials and tech articles: click here to start with.

Macromedia have some excellent tech articles and tutorials on their site: click here

The excellent VTC site has some superb training CD ROM products for Macromedia programs, but they also have quite a few QuickTime videos that introduce you to Dreamweaver and web design in general which you can watch online, if you have broadband: click here

Aside from that, either running a Google search for tutorials or looking through the FrontPage and Dreamweaver help files will give you loads of information. Both programs have full walk-through tutorials as part of their help files.

If you get stuck on specifics, feel free to ask.

  Completealias 21:24 26 Oct 2004

Cheer taran will give them ago bit limited at the mo cause still on dial up but should be upgrading to broadband ASAP

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