Want to hear good news about vista....!!

  hawthorn59 02:39 11 Mar 2008


Im at last getting the new laptop and with some trepedation have decided to go for Vista, despite reading some bad news about it, both here and elsewhere.

So Id love to hear from those who have had minimal or no problems with it!

And also, what tweaks/changes would be advisable to make it run smoother/faster? Is there a particular site you might recommend with tips to same?

many thanks


  The Kestrel 08:22 11 Mar 2008

I have been running with Vista Home Premium since buying a new PC in June. The only problems I really had were locating updated drivers for things like my printer and digital camera.

Yes it is different to XP, but once I got used to it, I began to prefer it to XP. It has been running without any issues occuring and I would not return to XP now. Perhaps problems occur with those who have updated to Vista on an older PC.

  FatboySlim71 08:25 11 Mar 2008

I made the decision to purchase a PC with Vista Ultimate around 4 weeks ago and have not regretted it. I can honestly say that out of all the programs I have, there was only one that wouldn't run initially, but once I chose RUN IN XP COMPATIBILITY MODE for this program, I was then able to run it with no problems.

I also use programs that are from 2004-2005 and all these work with no problems.

I think Vista gets an unfair slating. I had used XP for the last 5 years and initially Vista seems a bit different but you soon get to know where everything is.

Has far as Tweaks. I have not had to tweak anything. The only thing you may need to do (thats if you are having trouble running a program) is to right click on the programs icon, and choose properties, next you need to click on the compatibility tab, next left click (tick the box) next to RUN THIS PROGRAM IN COMPATIBILITY MODE FOR, next left click on the tab below this and choose WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK 2.

Doing the above cured a problem I had with the only program that I wasn't able to run with Vista.

"Is there a particular site you might recommend with tips to same?"

I would say that this site would be as good as any for advice etc, there is nearly always someone on here to help, you might after wait to the evening for a reply though as thats when most people are viewing the forum.

At some point in time everyone who will buy a new PC/laptop will have to use Vista, so my advice would be to get your laptop with Vista, just make sure you get extra memory, 3GB would be ideal IMO, and also get your laptop with the power fullest processor that you can afford, as Vista is a little more heavy on your PC than XP would be.

  hssutton 11:02 11 Mar 2008

Yesterday I posted on the Vista forum, that in 12 months of using Vista Ulitmate I'd not had any problems whatsoever. Approx 1/2 later I was suddenly faced with major problems, from which I've only just recovered.

In the early hours I discovered the problem to be hard drive related. I'm a little hard of hearing and had missed the intermittent groaning sounds coming from my "C" drive.

I was able on the third occasion to complete a full backup using Vista's built in "Back-up and Restore Centre" and also download Acronis Migrate easy 7 so was also able to clone the C drive.

I have Vista set to automatically back-up my "C" drive on a weekly basis, but I was in the middle of some important work that was not included in the previous back-up. As I see it, the only thing missing from Vista is the ability to clone the hard drive

  ventanas 11:21 11 Mar 2008

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. It leaves XP behind in all departments. The best OS Microsoft have released without any doubt, and I've used every one of them.
Just make sure the machine you get has the necessary power. At least 2gb Ram (more if possible)and a dual core processor.

  willthetrain 12:01 11 Mar 2008

I have been running Vista Ultimate for over a year,and once the inital shortage of drivers was resolved,it has been fabulous.
I would not retreat to XP again for all the tea in China.PC Advisor,PC Utilities provide lots of useful tweaks.

  anskyber 12:22 11 Mar 2008

I did an upgrade install a little over a year ago and I have had trouble free Vista, it really is very good in my experience.

Given you have a new PC the hardware issues will not be there but you will need to ensure you have the drivers for hardware peripherals like a printer.

If you are installing older software do so one at a time to ensure compliance. Most AV and other software is now Vista compliant but look out for the SP1 compliant versions for when the SP comes out later this month.

This site will deal with your problems and there are many other support sites with guides which we sometimes link to. The Microsoft Vista site is quite handy for general issues. click here

  Totally-braindead 13:29 11 Mar 2008

I tried it and had to revert to XP but I'm not saying theres anything wrong with it. I particularly hated the asking you if you were sure you wanted to do this thing UAC I think its called but you can switch that off.

Only thing I do not like is the true hardware requirements. I've seen PCs and laptops sold with Vista and they are so slow it is unbearable. Now much of this in my opinion is down to the hardware manufacturers trying to sell really cheap laptops with poor processors and little memory. As long as you buy a decent laptop with a good processor and plenty of RAM theres no problem.

Buy a new PC with Vista preinstalled and it will run fine as long as the hardware is up to it.

  [email protected] 14:01 11 Mar 2008

i reverted to xp for the above reasons, no matter how good your system is the operating system will always take the lions share the more ram you fit, the more it uses, if my pc wasnt used mainly for games i would have kept it. it looks a lot better has some much improved features (and a few imho inferior features) different people like different things, i didnt like vista but i can see why many people do.

  Kingy Miller 14:18 11 Mar 2008

I've been using Vista Home Premium on my desktop PC & it's fine. The only niggling little problem is the slow speed at which it copies files. It's far slower than XP. Having read up on the problem I believe that it is linked to the indexing that Vista carries out when moving files between locations on the hard drives/optical drives.

  [email protected] 14:23 11 Mar 2008

winrar was a must on my vista pc especially when unzipping large games patches. brilliant bit of kit click here

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