want to go into web design & any tips on flas MX

  Phildo 22:58 07 Dec 2003

I want to go into web design BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT html IS but i do know how to use flash mx and i need to know if there are any good web design programs avalible well thanks

  Forum Editor 00:07 08 Dec 2003

you've done well, although there's not much point in being able to use Flash unless you can design web sites - unless you want to specialise, and become a freelance Flash designer. The natural choice, for someone who works with Flash is Macromedia DreamWeaver. It's part of the same 'Studio' set, and you should be able to find your way around it with some practice.

Having said that, if you really are a complete novice (if you don't know what html is I guess you are), then something like NetObjects Fusion would be a good program to work with. You can use your Flash movies in NOF sites, and the learning curve isn't as steep as it would be with DreamWeaver.

  Phildo 00:24 08 Dec 2003

well were can i get it from and can you like give me some website were i can find out more about html

  PurplePenny 00:46 08 Dec 2003

Do a search for HTML tutorials - you'll find hundreds of them out there.


  Forum Editor 00:56 08 Dec 2003

can be found if you
click here

and html for beginners if you

click here

Good luck, and don't forget to let us see the results when you've got your first site online.

  Phildo 00:57 08 Dec 2003

do what programs do u use for web edditing i want to use dreamweather but i fear it is too complicated

  Forum Editor 06:55 08 Dec 2003

a fairly steep learning curve, but then so does Flash, and if you've been able to learn that you can do the same with DreamWeaver, but it's fairly expensive, and if you have any doubts it may not be worth the investment, at least initially.

As I said earlier, my recommendation for a novice would be NetObjects Fusion.

  Phildo 22:56 08 Dec 2003

but i dont want to buy it is ther not a trial version or something

  Sir Radfordin 09:21 09 Dec 2003

You can download trials of all of the Macromedia Studio (Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, ColdFusion) from their website.

  Taran 09:52 09 Dec 2003

I'd just like to point out that unless you spend a great deal of time every day with your trial version of any of the Macromedia products, you will only get so far in the 30 days you have available until the software ecpires. After that you will still be left with the choice of whether or not to buy it, for £350 or so.

By comparison, NetObjects Fusion is around £110 to buy and they also have a trial version of it if you want to test the water before you buy.

Amazon (UK) have version 7 of NetObjects (current version is 7.5) for £59.95 and the latest version of Microsoft FrontPage 2003 for £153.49.

Both NetObjects and FrontPage offer a newcomer an excellent starting point while being more than powerful enough in terms of available features to take you to seriously high levels of design, if you learn how to use them properly.

You could buy both for less than Dreamweaver would cost you and still have enough left to register a domain with good quality website hosting for a year.

Food for thought ?

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