SANAP 15:40 29 Aug 2005

My pc is about 6 years old but everything works quite well, had a BSOD last week and scandisk reported I had errors on HD so instead of just getting a new pc I am thinking of just a new HD for C:\drive but what do I get. It is currently 27gb and thats all I know. What size is best to get and what would be the optimum. Can I find out what I have eg is it 7500rpm or less? And do I just plug in the new and load win98se, I have all the discs.



  alan227 15:50 29 Aug 2005

In theory any hard drive up yo 137gb should be recognised in 98se.
Go for the 7200 drive as the 5400 might be a bit cheaper but they are also slower.
When you put it in check that the jumper is set to master, and away you go.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:54 29 Aug 2005

The limit of drive size will be se by your BIOS, espciall on n older PC.

Had an old PC limited to 20G yours is 27G already so maybe you could go quite high

What size were you thinking of?

You could fit the new one as master an install 98 from fresh or fit as slave, clone your old drive to new, swap drives over master to slave and run from the new one withoout loosing any files favourites etc.

  Stuartli 16:03 29 Aug 2005

Hard drives are almost stupidly cheap these days - a 160GB is around £50 for a 7,200rpm 8MB cache model or perhaps even less.

Windows 98 upwards will handle up to 127.5GB as a single partition so you could copy over your current disk's contents and have a separate partition for backup purposes.

If you then install Windows 98SE over your current version and then the "unofficial" Service Pack from:

click here

plus any MS updates since that time, you will start afresh.

Of course someone else may offer a better solution i.e. perhaps to install Windows 98SE first on the new drive (completely fresh start) and then copy over your present applications, programs etc plus the unofficial service pack.

I recently upgraded a friend's Windows98 system by installing 98SE over it, plus the service pack and updates, and the improvement was very noticeable.

I downloaded all the updates issued since then by linking his system case to my broadband connection - saved a lot of time and effort.

  SANAP 18:00 29 Aug 2005

Right, thnks all for quick replies. I have 2 drives in the PC, the D drive for music, pictures, downloads, word docs etc etc. I have ms outlook, opera, and all program files etc on C:\ . I installed the d:\ myself but it was 4/5 years ago!! I eventually worked the master and slave bit.

Now if I get a new HD say 80gb and use that as the master, then take out the D: that is current and put back in the old C WHERE the D: was: can I access the old c?? The reason for this is that when I got PC working last week it went belly up again and now I get quite a few errors until it says Explorer has illegal operation and it closes everthing. Outlook wont open as there is some installer file missing, so my logic is put in new drive and then copy what I need from old dodgy drive, then put back in the D: drive with music etc. i want to get emails back if possible.

Basically I am saying can I just plug and play.

I am a bit of a non techie so when it comes to motherboards, going to set up and BIOS I get a bit lost, well, totally lost. So keep it simple for me.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 29 Aug 2005

ow if I get a new HD say 80gb and use that as the master, then take out the D: that is current and put back in the old C WHERE the D: was: can I access the old c??

Install new drive as master and old c: as slave,
boot from floppy with CD support and partion and formay drive as required. Install win 98 fresh.

You should then be able to copy across you old files and photos from the old drive (be aware you will have to reinstall your programs).

Remove old drive and refit the other drive with your music on.

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