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want to delete and re install windows live mail

  johnnyrocker 19:14 08 Feb 2017

what is the best way to go about this please?

regards johnny

  johnnyrocker 20:04 08 Feb 2017

my problem with it is it does not work and files would seem to be in the wrong place, hence re install idea

regards johnny

  difarn 20:53 08 Feb 2017

Have you tried to repair Windows Live Mail? Scroll down this article until you reach "optionally try to repair first". As johnnyrocker says it changed to Windows Live Essentials and then to Windows Essentials.

click here johnnyrocker said it changed to Windows Live Essentials and then to Windows Essentials. With the advent of Windows 10 support has now been phased out althought it can still be used. See this article.

click here


  Govan1x 09:25 09 Feb 2017

Repair would be your best bet.

If one particular e-mail address is giving you problems you can delete it then reinstall it again to see if that sorts the problem out.

Or sign into your e-mail Via the internet as that sometimes refreshes your email in WLM.

I find that deleting the email in WLM then installing it again works best for me, But then I do not have anything really important to loose.

  johnnyrocker 19:28 10 Feb 2017

last night i wondered if an sfc would work, so i opened cmd and entered the details only to be told that i need to be an administrator to use the console.

please advise.

  lotvic 21:24 10 Feb 2017

rightclick on the windows flag at bottom right, choose Command Prompt Admin

  lotvic 21:28 10 Feb 2017

oops (senior moment) of course that should be bottom left on your desktop or at the top on the taskbar wherever you've got it (you might have moved the taskbar to one side)

  johnnyrocker 21:39 10 Feb 2017

sorry lotvic you have me at a loss,as windows flag seems not accessible

  lotvic 22:48 10 Feb 2017

windows flag seems not accessible

what do you mean?

  johnnyrocker 17:02 14 Feb 2017

my apologies for the delay. it is just i have no idea what you are referring to.

regards johnny

  lotvic 22:40 14 Feb 2017

The 'Windows flag' is the icon of 4 wavy squares, here's a pic of part of a taskbar with it at bottom left

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