want to copy files from hard drive

  aralius 23:02 12 Mar 2014

Please help. I want to save files from my laptop onto a external hard drive or a other laptop. The laptop i want the files from wont load. Every time I try to load my laptop it goes into HP recovery manager but then freezes and wont do anything. Ive tried loading my laptop through the different F8 menus but it always goes into hp recovery then freezes. I tried removing the hard drive and connecting to my other lap top through USB. I can find my hard disk file but it still says Hp recovery and im unable to find any off the files. Its say that the Hard disk only has 1GB left but im still unable access any of the files on the disk.

Can anything be done or is my hard drive knackered and ive lost all my files??

  imendpc 02:02 13 Mar 2014

When you say HP recovery freezes at what % recovery it got to and for how many hours/minutes? The reason I say this is that recover could take hours and one has to be patient and wait.

  Diemmess 10:40 13 Mar 2014

Am I right to say your original laptop, the one with the iffy HD, will not boot up normally,it now just slides into recovery mode?

If you can remove its HD with all your precious data, borrow or buy a suitable caddie or enclosure for it with a USB connection to a working computer.

If the recovered HD seems to light up or spin you have a good chance of recovering all your data files by simply copying from the removed HD to a Laptop that is working.

If the removed HD will not behave then the fault must be in that item, but if the HD works and you can recover data from it then you can use it in its case as spare memory. You will not be able to transfer Windows or many heavyweight applications, they need to be installed and integrated with the original Laptop

  aralius 17:49 13 Mar 2014

The hp recovery wont even get to a % i can get to the menu and when i click net it wont go any ive further. It just skips between the options of preform hp recovery or dont. Ive left it over night and still nothing has changed.

I did go out and buy a caddy. Everything seems to be ok but when i try to access the hd the file says hp recovery. When i try to go into the file it says nothing is there even though it says there is only 1gb of space free. Not sure if there is any software i can download which will unlock the hd or if i can just put the hard drive into another laptop and try and recover the files that way.

  rdave13 18:14 13 Mar 2014

When you connected the drive via usb to a working PC what does disk management show?

  aralius 18:28 13 Mar 2014

it shows the caddy on F drive but it says hp recovery and unable to acces anything from the hard drive

  imendpc 12:05 15 Mar 2014

DOn't know if this would help but worth stating just in case in does as situation is desperate, I suppose! My assumed objective is that you want now to cancel the HP Backup and Recovery Manager from starting up from the recovery partition on the hard disk and boot instead to Windows (partition). When disk is in caddy and connected to another PC, in Windows use Disk management, right click on the section labelled SYSTEM,should be the first partition, select "Mark Partition as Active" and then put into your laptop and try again! Hope this is successful, then for further problem solving what is the status of the following:- 1) If my suggestion were successful and you did cancel the recovery upon restart (boot), are you able to press F11 as it boot into BIOS to get into the recovery mode. 2) Have you a set of recovery CDs made from HP Backup and Recovery Manager?

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