Want to connect my router to a new wireless laptop as I cannot get into Windows on my old pc.

  earthlover 21:07 04 Jul 2012

My router is connected by wired connection to my old pc which is not working properly ( I cannot start up or switch off as of today and can no longer even use safe mode) and we have 3 laptops connected wirelessly. The connection is still working but as I can no longer access the router online ( i could only do this via the old pc which isn't working), I need to set up my router on my laptop now.

I am worried though that if I try to do this i will do something wrong and end up with no connection. Also, I don't want to have to have a laptop connected by wired. I am also not sure about getting the ssid and network name set up right. Can someone advise me how to do this? Thanks.

  difarn 22:08 04 Jul 2012

If you have three laptops working wirelessly then you have connections to your router already. You do not need to have a PC connected by ethernet for your other PC's to work wirelessly. If you need to access the router configuration pages for some reason then you will have to connect to the router by ethernet - you simply plug an ethernet cable into a laptop (turn off the wireless) and it should connect as the settings on the wireless laptops are the same as on the ethernet connected pc.

As far as SSID is concerned if you have not made a note of it this can be found on your router's configuration pages.

You haven't given much information on the problem with your old PC - maybe the forum can help with this.

  earthlover 10:03 05 Jul 2012

Thank you for your reply, difarn.

My pc is an Advent 3207 1.9ghz 256mb 40gb. It is very slow but usually stable. Hence I never bothered to change anything when I got my new laptop. I took the 'if it works don't mess with it' view. Normally everything is fine with the network.

I only use the pc to change things on the router configuration pages when I need to, usually to connect add a new device on the allowed list. The problem is the pc freezes and I end up pressing the on button to turn off, which has not been a problem until now. The on button has been sticking for quite some time and is quite stiff now.

Also when I switched on some windows updates started installing and I had begun updating the Avast program the time before, and that came up as wnating to finish installing. I got it into my head that this was the paid version and cancelled the update.

I restarted but got the timer on the bottom bar all the time, so then tried a few times in safe mode which worked, but when I tried again in normal mode it froze at Welcome. Having to switch off at on button has probably made things worse and now in safe mode it freezes during the 'listing of the drivers' and so can't use safe mode and have now given up on it.

My main concern is that i need to be able to get into the router configuration for when I have to allow a device access to the network etc.

  tullie 14:39 05 Jul 2012

Why not access the router with one of your other computers?

  difarn 15:37 05 Jul 2012

As I said in my previous post all you have to do is link up one of the other pc's using the ethernet cable.

What operating system are you using on your older desktop? It may be possible to do a repair install if you have the OS disk.

  earthlover 18:54 05 Jul 2012

I have now accessed router pages via my laptop. Thank you, I had no idea I could do that! Easy when you know how. I always thought that because the pc was used to set up the connection initially everything had to be done through that. I can hear all those eyeballs rolling up into your respective heads from here!!

My pc os is xp. I only have the 2 Advent Recovery discs that I we got when we bought it. That would wipe everything clean. I suppose now I have the internet connection sorted out I can go ahead and do that and see if it works.

  difarn 19:15 05 Jul 2012

Good to know one problem is resolved.

I assume that you have the Microsoft Windows XP disk when you say Advent Recovery disks?

Have a look at this article explaining that you may be able to do a repair installation - it is worth a try before embarking on a full re-install unless you want to do this.

Whichever you choose, and when you are successful, you need to then look at the problems you were having. Making sure that all of your drivers are up to date in device manager is a good start

  difarn 19:18 05 Jul 2012

I posted before I had finished.

You should consider adding more RAM to your XP PC - it is fairly easy to do. If you go onto this site using that PC it will scan your PC and tell you what the machine is capable of - and how much it will cost. You start the process by searching for the PC manufacturer in the drop down box.

  earthlover 19:51 05 Jul 2012

Thanks, I will have a read.

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