Want a cheap soundcard !

  Derek 08:34 25 May 2004

Or do I...help wanted.
The motherboard built in sound has failed.(All tests prove so !)It's a K7S5A Elite Group.
Question....can I buy any cheapo PCI card just to hear the CD's decently and occasional midi file.

  Jakey boy 08:39 25 May 2004

Should be ok click here==

  Jakey boy 08:40 25 May 2004

Link was wrong (?) click here

  Jakey boy 08:43 25 May 2004

Just use the link and search for "sound card". I found 17 of them, but the link doesn't work for some reason. Good luck!

  Stuartli 08:55 25 May 2004

Why not spend just a little more and get a Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value sound card?

You can find one for between £20-£25 and the sound will be superior (providing you have reasonable speakers) to cheapo units.

If you must have a cheapo, then the PCI sound cards that feature the C-Media 8738 chipset and cost around £4 to £7 may well surprise you; not quite in the Creative class, but still very clean and transparent sound quality.

In fact many Elite boards use the C-Media onboard or PCI sound - my own P6BXT-A+ has the 8738 onboard chipset.

The only reason I switched to my Creative SoundBlaster was due to being given it; the overall difference in reproduction from my IBM 2.1 system is basically a slightly more solid sound stage and I wouldn't have any worries about going back to the 8738 if it became necessary.

  byfordr 09:17 25 May 2004

click here Good price for the soundblaster. Just installed a couple excellent quality.


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