Want to change OS to XP

  Acerak 18:27 30 Dec 2004

I have a Dell notebook that has ME installed. I'd like to change OS to XP. Is it simply a matter of getting XP and installing it or would I have to reformat my drive and then install XP? Basically I have lot's of data on the notebook that I don't want to lose and would therefore not wish to reformat if it all possible.
Any help will be much appreciated.

  VoG II 18:31 30 Dec 2004

You can get an XP upgrade disk and simply install "over the top" of ME.

The purists reckon it is better to reformat first but I upgraded this beastie from ME to XP without formatting and have had practicaly no problems since.

  VoG II 18:32 30 Dec 2004

Check for compatability first click here

  Jackcoms 19:29 30 Dec 2004


"I have lots of data on the notebook that I don't want to lose"

You do back up, don't you??

  ventanas 21:37 30 Dec 2004

I've done it both ways, install straight over the top, and to a clean disc. As VoG™ says, there is no discernible difference in the result.
Having said that I'm afraid I'm a purist.

One thing worth remembering, once you have upgraded you can use the XP upgrade cd to reformat as often as you like. You will not be asked for a further upgrade verification. Therefore if all you have is a Recovery Disc in the form of an image, you can upgrade over the top, and then reformat and reinstall with the XP cd for a clean installation. This is what I have done when faced with this situation. Lengthy, but thorough.

  nerawan 14:08 31 Dec 2004

You can use a program like Partition Magic that let you install 4 operating systems. You can have Me and XP.

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