Want to buy a new PC - Help

  maxbhoy 14:14 18 May 2006

I have a budget of £600 tops.

What is the best PC I can get for this.
Would want a flat screen screen monitor and
DVD/CD rewriter....also enough memory for
backing up photos & Ipoda and playing games.

Thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:37 18 May 2006

"playing games" - this is where you may fall down. It all depends on what sort of games you want to play. Can you give some details of what you are into.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:44 18 May 2006

click here

For some machines and reviews.

  maxbhoy 15:11 18 May 2006

Mostly golf games

  stylehurst 16:55 18 May 2006

Have a look at Novatech

  scotty 17:09 18 May 2006

I am not a great lover of Intel but it is hard to beat some of the offers from Dell. Try this for £599:

click here

  Diodorus Siculus 17:50 18 May 2006

Golf games should be ok on any £600 system; the dell above seems good value.

I'd second the suggestion of Novatech - they have some good quality machines.

  cable-ties 21:05 21 May 2006

If you know exactly what you want try click here and pick your bits.
I do believe they have been recomended by this very magazine.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:31 23 May 2006

I'd be careful of Nethighstreet as their site has not worked for some days now.

  martjc 21:48 23 May 2006

...or are you just setting a top price and want to get the best system you can?

if the former, and your game play is restricted to golf games, you could do better. Are there any computer fairs nearby? Go there and ask questions of the traders. The are all keen to help and you will find you get more per quid.
If the latter, look at diodorus's link.
Remember, you will not need a graphics intensive machine, if you've been honest with yourself about the uses.

  Joe R 22:26 23 May 2006

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