Want to buy a new computer

  rickilambert 20:06 01 Jan 2010

Hi guys,

want to get a new computer

Had previously had one lined up but the offers changed today :(

Budget is £1000 and would like to pay finance too. Dell had an xps i7 processor , 23" monitor, 6gb tri channel ram, 1gb graphics .....
this was all for around £1100 and was feasible, but really couldnt go more

what i really want to no is if there are any other websites / competitors i could try


  Terry Brown 20:48 01 Jan 2010

First Question .

What do you want to do on it ?
VIdeo Gaming
Office files
Video Editing
Music editing
General internet use.

Before we can help, more details are required.

  jamesd1981 21:31 01 Jan 2010

you dont need a huge budget to get a decent pc i heard on here yesterday that next thursday aldi are doing there latest medion pc with a 1tb hard drive usualy 4gb ram im not sure wether cpu is intel or amd they alternate between the two and same with graphics card between nvidia and ati they usualy come with 6 usb ports on rear and hdmi connection and 2 usb on front built into a card reader they always come with a 3 year warranty and what i like about medion is you always get the actual windows disc not that recovery partion crap.

  [email protected] 08:59 02 Jan 2010

I was just going to say, I have spent 1000's over the years on PCs (Evesham, Dell) but when I needed a new one in the early summer I decided to wait for the next Aldi deal. In august I picked up a PC with 4gb DDR RAm, DVD dual recorder, 650 Gb hard drive, Quad core processor,bundles of software, upgrade to windows 7 etc. with 3 yr warranty for £499.I bought a new 22" Samsung momitor for £125 and had a fantastic system (used my old spaeker system0
I also bought last January a great laptop for £350 with a 3 yr warranty an it has been great so far (I had one tech question and was astonished to get through to very helpful support in around 3 mins, and it was 3 mins as it was my first call and I had to log my details!)

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