Wansview NCM625W HH3 and XP

  John B 16:57 09 May 2014

I'm trying to get the Wansview camera to work. I've followed the (very basic) instructions to no avail.

Connect power to camera (check ... power to device)

Ethernet camera to modem (Home hub 3) check ... data light flashes on camera's Ethernet connection).

Run supplied software (XP Pro SP3) check ... software does not see camera in list of devices).

Check connected devices on HH3 ... no camera seen either under wired or wireless!

Have checked connections, swapped cables, rebooted hub and pc, but no joy.

I've had a read around and it seems some suggest connecting camera via Ethernet cable directly to computers network card (rather than the modem), and setting a fixed i.p. address. I think that may be getting out of my depth as I worry I shall make the pc unusable for normal use.

I gather the idea is to set the camera up via wired connection and then configure it to work wirelessly (which is the intention). I have an iMac if configuration via that platform would be any easier?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions as to how I get the PC / modem to see the camera!

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