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  whatsit 14:10 02 Oct 2004

G'day to all forum members, just wanted to say I've just upgraded to b/band 1mbps, boy is it quick, I've been on dial up but I've used my sons 512Kbps and I thought that was fast, It's my first day with it but I'm absolutely over the moon, everything was very simple to install the only delay was waiting for bt to synchronize my line, the only thing I was surprised with is that it's on usb and when you reboot you have to dial out again, but that's no problem. just thought I'd let you know how I'd got on with it after my inquiring post earlier OK! Whatsit

  Diodorus Siculus 15:19 02 Oct 2004

Happy surfing - I am still tempted to make the move...

  CurlyWhirly 21:10 02 Oct 2004

Happy surfing - I am still tempted to make the move...

Don't even think about it just do it my friend!
Especially now as broadband is nearly as cheap as dial-up as long as you don't mind having restrictions you can get a 1 mb service for only £17.99 a month!

  Djohn 21:20 02 Oct 2004

Enjoy your surfing, pleased to hear it all went well for you. For those that can afford a few pounds a month extra then go for it, even if its a 3x broadband[150Kbps] just the fact that your always on-line with no cutoffs and the phone line is not constantly out of use [Engaged]is well worth the money.

  john1000 21:33 02 Oct 2004

yes sounds a good deal i am on 512 connection with wanadoo with no restrictions i took it out when they were feeserve the only thing i disagree with your connection is you are resticted not just for downloadind but also on line gaming which i think is wrong. i think they should give you the option to pay say extra £10 per month for no restrictions things might be ok now but you will be downloading alot of things faster and before you know it you will be at your limit.i have asked to upgrade to 1mb but they said i would have to cancel first and then sign another agreement which means i will also be restrited check and see how many hours per week you have online gaming.

  whatsit 21:54 02 Oct 2004

John 1000
Hi there I don't do any gaming or such, I use it just for surfing a few e-mails and d/loads so I think I should be ok. but thanks for your comments. whatsit!

  dave h 09:55 03 Oct 2004

I've just upgraded to Wanadoo 1Mps and agree it's great.

On the subject of varying download charges, I asked them if the had a program I could run to monitor my download usage, so that I could check over a month to see how much I actually used.
They said they didn't currently have one, but would be bringing one out "Shortly".

With such a program you could work out which package exactly suits your needs.

  georgemac 10:10 03 Oct 2004

the limits apparently have not been applied yet - they are happy to make a loss I read while signing up lots of new customers. When the limits are applied they will have to have some arrangement so you can manage your usage.

just now I use tautology bandwith meter to check click here to download/view

  whatsit 13:21 03 Oct 2004

thanks a lot have d/loaded that and I can keep a check on my usage see if 2gb will be enough. whatsit!

  whybe 13:35 03 Oct 2004

Georgemac, what a great little program. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and thanks whatsit for starting the thread.

  whatsit 11:06 04 Oct 2004

G'day all.I'd just like to thank all who responded to my post, and to thank Georgemac once again for that good prog he pointed us to. Whatsit!

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