wandering mouse pointer

  Wrinkly1 14:02 28 Jan 2005

Recently my mouse pointer has started to wander slowly to the edges of the screen. Everything appears to be working fine. Should I be concerned as to the wandering pointer?

  GBL 14:06 28 Jan 2005

Is it a cordless mouse, if so maybe the batteries need changing.
Mine goes haywire when they are due for a change.

  geeza 14:10 28 Jan 2005

is it a laptop with a touch screen pad

  JonnyTub 14:13 28 Jan 2005

my wireless mouse shoots straight to the top left and stays there till i tease it back out with some new battery's :-)

  Chezdez 14:14 28 Jan 2005

hehe, mine does the same

have you got a PS\2 optical mouse?

i find it most annoying while trying to watch a film, because the borders in WMP keep flicking on and off. solution? turn the mouse upside down!

  mattyc_92 14:18 28 Jan 2005

You may have a program called "crazymouse" installed... Remove it from the system (normally from Add/Remove Programs) and restart your system and that should solve it

  Storik 14:34 28 Jan 2005

I have two, both do the same thing. One is USB optical, the other PS2 wireless. The USB does a quick dash and disapears at times (a tender bit of cheesy talk brings it back in view) the other gets new batteries (found it cheaper to use rechargables).

Incidentally, all Australian meeces seem to go walkabout. lol


  Graham ® 14:43 28 Jan 2005

Look in mouse properties. You may have 'Hide when inactive' or 'Hide when typing'.

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