Wanadoo/Orange email probs

  Davy 43 09:44 24 Nov 2009

Hi Folks,

I'm with BT now, but still use my old Wanadoo email address at times. This is the error message I get Account: '[email protected]', Server: 'POP.wanadoo.co.uk', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR [AUTH] Invalid login/password pair', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC92 when trying to retrieve messages:

Everything was ok up until 22/11 then nothing, I have emailed orangeprobems.co.uk & asked for advice but not received a response yet.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Thanks in advance.


  Salut 10:10 24 Nov 2009

I too dumped wanadoo/orange after being messed about so much I thought I was pregnant!

I too was told that the email would still be valid, however, within ten days all sorts of weird problems occurred.

Frankly, I think orange lied throughout their conversations with me. Every single query was met with a standard list of 'suggestions' all of which pointed towards faults with my equipment.

Curiously enough having moved to o2 I have yet to experience any problems. The line speed problems that restricted my orange connection to .2 or .3 vanished too and I get 2.5 Mbps. The dropped connections have gone and yes, the emails come through.

Orange is rubbish, simples.

  Woolwell 10:17 24 Nov 2009

Orange have probably closed your account because you have not made a dial-up connection within the last 219 days. Your account will need reactivating.
Orange will not be that interested as you don't have an account with them anymore and they don't get any revenue from you but keep the account open using server space. You need to ring them not e-mail.

  Davy 43 12:04 24 Nov 2009

Thanks for comments Salut & Woolwell. I've actually been with BT for 10 months now & sent mail using my old wanadoo email address in recent weeks so there has been some activity.
I'm loathed to contact Orange, as I don't expect much in the way of help on this - as you mentioned they're not geting any revenue from me.

Thanks again - looks like I wil have to dispense with my old address!

  Davy 43 11:05 25 Nov 2009

I eventually contacted Orange & they told me that they are working on the 'Servers' & all should be well in 3 - 5 days. Whether this only affects 'old Wanadoo accounts' who knows. Sounds positive, but I'll reserve judgement for 3 -5 days!

  JMJO 14:30 27 Jan 2010

My email(wanadoo) worked until 11 days ago. No reminder from Orange but dial up accounts deleted without warning. Several calls later,told they had a system failure involving hundreds of others. Engineers working on this - should have been fixed by Friday 22nd Jan. Has anyone had their accounts restored? Also unable to access Broadband account as needs email address.

  Woolwell 14:48 27 Jan 2010

You should have started a new thread.

If you have a broadband account then your disl-up account ended but this does not mean that the e-mail address ended as it simply carried on from dial-up to broadband.

I have not lost my accounts at all.

If you have been paying for your broadband you need to contact Orange and ask them to restore your broadband.

  simon911 16:55 27 Jan 2010

Orange are undertaking a process of disconnecting all these email accounts which aren't used by current customers.

It's caused problems for a lot of people, but if I'm afraid that if you're no longer an Orange customer you're very unlikely to have your account restored.

Orange doesn't 'do' free email

  ventanas 21:58 27 Jan 2010

Just to be different I was with Wanadoo/Orange for years and a year ago I changed to BT. Turned out to be a very bad mistake.
The orange service was reliable and fast - the BT service is often offline for "maintenance" Their email service is awful - always having to reset the router, and the speed is sometimes quite slow.
Already made my mind up - going back to Orange at the first opportunity, never had a problem with them in years.
The one time I did need a bit of support it was quick and accurate.

  Flak999 23:15 27 Jan 2010

because of the truly appalling service from Orange. I had been with them since Freeserve days and had stuck with them in the hope that they would improve.

Their customer service has to be one of the worst out there, and after seeing my 8mg service deteriorate to dial-up speeds during the evening and weekend peaks, making online gaming an impossibility because of horrendous lag and packet loss I finally gave up and moved to Zen!

All I can say is what a revelation! Rock solid 6.9mg download speeds all day everyday, a customer service experience where you actually feel like you are talking to a real person that understands your problem, and YES actually wants to help you!

Plus they are here in the UK so you can actually understand them! All I can say is don't hesitate, I could kick myself for having waited so long.

  Davy 43 11:56 30 Jan 2010

For anyone who is interested, my account has been terminated, it's purely down to no longer being an Orange customer.
They did apologise for not informing me in advance, washed my hands of Orange forever!

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