Wanadoo wont help, can you help ?

  Daveson 12:40 08 Nov 2004

Hello, i have just set up my broadband through my new wanadoo box set and all is working well. I have 1.1 mbps and its fast, well to someone upgradeing from dial up this is blazeing. I already have a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Wireless Router and i want to use this to connect to the internet and get rid of wanadoos modem, for simple reasons wires.

I have a laptop and a wireless g pcmcia card. 1st, how do i get my internet conection through my linksys modem/router and then how do i leave the router in the corner of the room and get the internet conection that i have set up on the linksys pcmcia card for my laptop. I dont have a desktop just a laptop. Please help.

  Graham ® 12:47 08 Nov 2004

No expert, but until one comes along...

Control Panel, Network Connections, Set up a new connection.

  Trolley 12:51 08 Nov 2004

I think you should just be able to plug the router into the wireless access point, and then configure the laptop to connect to the WAP. After that you need to tell the computer that it finds the internet by setting the gateway on the newtrok connection to the IP address of the router that can supplied by Wannadoo.

I take it that the router from Wannadoo is ethernet and not USB?

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