wanadoo webmail deleting emails

  playmofire 03:31 11 Sep 2005

Somehow my wanadoo webmal accounts is deleting emails in the inbox on a daily basis. At one time these built up and you deleted them manually, but now no more. There seems to be nothing under Help to alter this.

Has anyone else come across this problem with wanadoo webmal?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:46 11 Sep 2005

Do you have access to the mail via a pop3 client (eg Outlook Express)?

Does anyone else connect to the mail server, either via web interface or witha mail client?

  playmofire 08:56 11 Sep 2005

I use FireFox for email and access my webmail via Thunderbird. No one accesses or should be accessing the webmail account other than me.

I got the message of a reply to this thread at 0746 and checked my webmail at 0852 to find the inbox empty. It looks as if as soon as email is downloaded by Firefox the message on the server is deleted, but I can find nothing in FireFox to allow me to alter this.

  playmofire 09:07 11 Sep 2005

I've just found a box Keep emails on server for... under Tools>account settings>server settings on Firefox which was unticked. I've ticked it and set it to keep emails on the server for 7 days and see what happens.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:27 11 Sep 2005

If thunderbird checks mail, it deletes it from server. Now that you told it to leave them for 7 days, they will be there.

  playmofire 16:39 11 Sep 2005

In my last post, when I said Firefox I menat Thundebird, and ticking that box and seems to have done the trick. How it became unticked I don't know.

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