Wanadoo & Supanet dial-up number changes

  Barnacarry 16:51 08 Jan 2005

I have tried to access my emails today but keep getting an error message asking me to input my account name and password on the above accounts. Each time I put them in they come back again.

The only difference I can see is that they have both changed their 0845 numbers to 0844 which stops me getting a 20% discount as BT does'nt recognise these numbers. Will I now have to change to these numbers or am I missing something?

  Jackcoms 16:55 08 Jan 2005

2 questions:

Have you checked with your ISP if they have changed their dial-up number?

Have you got a rogue dialler on board?

  Dennis1 17:00 08 Jan 2005

I think If wanadoo decide to change their dialup number they will send you an e-mail with a link to change your settings,that's what tiscali did when they changed theirs then they had to change it back because oftel or some similar body told them they were out of order.

  Zak 17:01 08 Jan 2005

click here

The Pay As You Go dial-up numbers are: 0845 079 6699 or 0844 056 4000

  Barnacarry 17:03 08 Jan 2005

I don't think I have a rogue dialler but I will check. As for checking with Wanadoo. I went to their reactivation page and downloaded my account again and after checking the settings I noticed that their T/F number had changed cmpletely.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 08 Jan 2005

Scan with one of these Anti Spyware :-
Adaware click here
Spybot S&D click here
Spywareblaster click here
a2 click here you may have a dialer problem Wannado has not changed its dialup number I have just checked the setting son thier web site.

  Barnacarry 17:04 08 Jan 2005

What does seem strange to me is that I can connect to the internet on my old account but not with Outlook Express.

  Tango 23:14 09 Jan 2005

Supanet has been changing their customers over progressively to 0844 numbers since way back last year.

Their reasons given for this at the time were not entirely honest - they stated at first that BT was withdrawing all 0845 numbers, but not only does BT not have that power, but both BT and OFFCOM assured me that it was not true and that 0845 numbers were not being withdrawn.

Also, they stated that it was to protect users from drop dialers. Simon advised me that it was highly unlikely that an 0844 on its own would do this, more likely a decent firewall was what was needed to protect against these aliens.

The change was not necessary as Supanet advised us, BT has NOT taken the commercial decision to
phase out previous tariffs based on 0845 numbers. The majority of UK ISP's will follow suit, Supanet told me at the time - I suggested that might happen only only IF a 'CARTEL' is operating here, but they don't have to.

Please OFFCOM for yourself and ask them. They have told me that BT CANNOT impose any such restrictions on anyone against their will - they simply do not have that power - and do not control the charge rates either.

The fact is that there is a ceiling on what can be charged against an 0845 number, being about 3.55p per minute weekdays daytime and 1p at night and weekends. The owner of an 0844 number can specify their own charge rates within certain limits and I think the going rate on the Supanet 0844 number is roughly 3.95p daytime weekdays, 1.5p nighttime weekdays and 1p at weekends, thus making the weekday evening I/N charges 50% more expensive than before.

I was one of those in the first tranche to be forced onto the new 0844 number last August and kicked up a hell of a fuss about losing my 0845 dial up as it was worth 0.8p per minute to me as Friends and Family - Best Friend number. Of course, 0844 is not allowed in F&F.

I talked to their management frequently over the next two weeks as they attempted to resolve this and after a top level executive meeting, realised what they had done ! They had not realised that they had many customers who preferred to 'pay as they went' due to a very low I/N use and so had robbed them of this valuable low cost access.

By the end of the two weeks, there were about ten of us who had contacted them and I had also placed the scenario with Simon here, in Consumer Watch, who also added his "interest" to the Supanet Management's attention. At that point, they purchased a new 0845 number (1231232) and installed it for us and I re-defined my 0844 to it satisfactorily straight away. It has operated perfectly ever since.

Incidentally,, the 0844 number that was installed for my PC was 0844 7110011. Please note that it is normally the next two or three digits which define the 0844 tarrif you are on - if not sure, get BT to send you their FOC charge lists for dialling codes.

Hope this full story helps everyone.

  Tango 23:30 09 Jan 2005

Sorry it was rather long and now see a typing error !

Para.5 should read Please RING OFFCOM for yourself etc.

Also, I should have concluded by praising Supanet for facing up to their lack of foresight and having the humility to admit it in restoring the 0845 for those who still wanted it.

I have been with them since the beginning of my PC experience four years ago and am still enjoying the experience in spite of this little hiccup. They also run a good topical home page with bags of links to useful information.

  Barnacarry 01:22 10 Jan 2005

Sorry for the delay in replying but I seemed to lose the power to log on again after checking AV and Antidiallers. Thanks, Tango, for the new T/F number for Supanet. Like yourself I've been with them for four years and was really put out by their number change. Anyway, I have just subscribed to a new account with Wanadoo and found that my downloaded settings were changed to using a 'proxy server', which I have never used, but having just left the settings as they are, it now seems to work if I use these proxy setting. Ain't life strange? I'm now back on line but really don't know how or why. Thanks again everyone.

  Barnacarry 01:28 10 Jan 2005

PS. I forgot to say that I also removed AVG antivirus from my computer prior to installing the new Wanadoo account and maybe this had something to do with it as well.

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