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  bloggs52 15:20 18 Aug 2004

Recently when logging on to the internet a screen appears, saying that I am having trouble with java script because I am using an ancient version of internet explorer ( which I am not), before it is overlaid a second or two later by the Wanadoo homepage. The Wanadoo image almost but not completely covers the first screen.
Any ideas about what is going on and how to correct it ?

  ventanas 15:26 18 Aug 2004

It may be because you have javascript disabled, or being blocked. Do you have Norton AV and Firewall?

  bloggs52 15:35 18 Aug 2004

Vantanas may be right. I do have Norton AV and Firewall. How do I check on the status of Javascript, Please ?

  ventanas 15:45 18 Aug 2004

I never bothered to cure it. It stopped happening a while back. I can't now remember whether it was when I moved from Norton 2003 to 2004, or when the page changed from Freeserve. But I'm pretty sure its something to do with Norton's script blocking. Have a look in the Options.

  bloggs52 08:07 19 Aug 2004

To Ventanas : Many thanks for your help.

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