Wanadoo Email Problem ( Broadband)

  jonpep 18:47 26 Oct 2004

Normaly I can send out emails but when Itry to contact a commercial adress it states " Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed"
Is this a fault of mine and if so how can I deal with it.
I am not a computer boffin, so please not too complicated replies.

  curlylad 19:05 26 Oct 2004

Click on my link below and it gives all the info on how your email settings should be configured.
Hope this helps click here

  curlylad 19:10 26 Oct 2004

Try this link first click here

  jonpep 23:16 26 Oct 2004

Hello Curlylad/

Thanks for the information which I have printed off, but who is wanadoo jordon?

It mentions new telephone numbers & global accounts useage, change of password and check of time used. I do not want new accounts which I have pay for on top of normal monthly subscription.

I am puzzled on this as Wanadoo have a help pages, but this wanadoo jordon is not mention anywhere, can you explain who they are. Are thay part of the Wanadoo organisation?

  Friday's Child 01:07 27 Oct 2004

Quite why it is in English I don't know, but Wanadoo Jordan appears to be Wanadoo's Jordanian portal (as opposed to the UK, French etc). I wonder if the UK site directs you there for help instead of an Indian telephone helpline :-))

  curlylad 14:36 27 Oct 2004

The site I visited to copy and paste that link was not the link that you see , thats really strange. When I click on the link that was provided by me , as you say it takes you to Wanadoo jordon for some very weird reason .The link I was supposed to provide just gave a list of Email and I.E. settings so I don't know what happened to it.I'll see if I can locate it again.

  curlylad 14:44 27 Oct 2004

Sorry about those dodgy links , I think we have it this time , try this click here When page opens scroll down the page to find email settings , broadband settings , I.E settings etc etc.

  curlylad 14:56 27 Oct 2004

At the bottom of the page on the last link I provided are links to further help topics if you are still experiencing problems-

Common error messages

Outlook Express-Easy guide Settings check

What are FTP My Site and Site Builder

Setting up Outlook Express to view news groups

How to use the Microsoft Connection Wizard to set up Outlook Express

How do I set up Wanadoo Broadband

Hope I've provided enough now to help you .

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