Wanadoo Broadband Connection

  Hangus 13:05 24 Dec 2004

I have been on Wanadoo Broadband for a few months, but over the last few weeks I have had trouble connecting. My livebox thingy keeps falling out of synch. I have been in touch with their help line on numerous occasions and have reset the livebox, reinstalled all software, had a woosh test, had a BT engineer out who could find no problem, had all my equipment replaced (i.e. livebox, cables, micro filters)by Wanadoo. Still I have the problem. Neither Wanadoo or BT can offer any further advice. I am ready to throw it out of the window. Sometimes I can connect ok, but when I REALLY desperately need to use the internet i cannot get a connection as the box cannot get in synch. Sometimes while it is trying to synchronise it switches itself off as well. Can anyone offer any further suggestions?

  bretsky 13:14 24 Dec 2004

Try plugging your external usb into its own socket on your pc, ie not shared with printers scanners etc etc.........

I presume you mean by
"My livebox thingy" the speedtouch 330 usb modem.

bretsky ;0)

  Graham ® 14:39 24 Dec 2004

Try removing all other USB devices to prove. It certainly sounds like a USB power issue.

Also,any radio transmitters nearby? Dect cordless phones (that's for Noel!)? Flashing Xmas lights?

  Hangus 19:58 24 Dec 2004

I have tried plugging USB into own socket and knocking everything else off. I am now using an ethernet connection. There are no flashy fairy lights (fortunately!!) and I have searched for any possible sources of radio interference. There are no transmitters, sky boxes ar anything else like that, and I only have one phone socket in, so there are no extensions to interfere. The phone works fine, and there doesnt appear to be any noise on the line.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:15 24 Dec 2004

how do things go when the xbox is not connected ?

You do not mention anything about the computers SPeC !

Which Windows, how much Memory, CPU, name of Firewall & Virus software Please.

Do you happen to know which version of Direct X ?
v9,b or c really but v8.1 may be a problem.

  Hangus 11:45 09 Jan 2005

This fault has mysteriously resolved itself. There appears to have been some kind of external interference from somewhere. This materialised when my TV suddenly developed a mind of its own as well. It sudeenly started to increase/decrease its volume or switch channels of its own accord. This has also now stopped.

  Graham ® 12:46 09 Jan 2005

Certainly sounds like external radio interference was the cause, perhaps a neighbour had a wireless network or a CB transmitter.

If it returns, ask BT to fit an RF3 filter to the master socket.

  polo 20:11 04 Feb 2005

I'm having terrible trouble with my wireless connection. After hours on their helpline I've got it set up (no thanks to the helpline though)but I can only get on line occasionally and then it disconnects after a while. A complete dead loss. I've now tried an ordinary modem and that's the same I wonder if it's trouble at Wanadoos end as my laptop and PC both indicate that I'm all connected and that the signal is excellent. It's driving me bats and I'm wishing I stayed with dial up. Polo

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