Wanadoo Broadband availability

  CMC 42 14:39 11 Sep 2005

Does anyone know whether Wanadoo's Broadband covers Gillingham (Kent) as their availability checker on their website doesn't appear to be working. As I have a laptop and would generally like to access the internet upstairs - their wireless package makes a lot more sense than some of the other packages I've looked at.

Once I know whether it is available in this area it will make my Broadband decision a lot easier. Can I just check that Wanadoo don't have a download limit?


  Skills 14:46 11 Sep 2005

Wanadoo do have download caps last time I looked I think it was 2gig, 6gig and then 30gig with prices going from 18,23 & 28 quid a month.

If you can't check online then try giving them a call and they should check availability for you from there.

I'm using tiscali and they have just phased out there download caps I now pay 18 quid a month for a 2Mb connection no limits. You can read there usage policy here click here

  CMC 42 14:54 11 Sep 2005

Do Tiscalli Do Wireless?

  interzone55 16:32 11 Sep 2005

It is of no consequence whether Wanadoo or Tiscali "do wireless", you can just sign up to any ISP and use a wireless adsl modem and router. I have a Dlink model click here
which I use to connect to the internet from my PC & laptop, this is much cheaper than Wanadoo charge for their wireless model, and is much better in my opinion.

A collegue of mine bought the wanadoo wireless package and is unable to use it because it isn't compatible with his laptop, when he tried to get his money back Wanadoo said it wasn't their fault that his laptop doesn't work with their equipment. So he has been force to buy a separate wireless router and consigned the useless wanadoo equipment to the bin.

  CMC 42 19:49 11 Sep 2005

I'm beggining to think that a wireless router would be a better idea. Thank you for comments - I don't think I'll be using wanadoo now anyway as they have download limits.

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