Wanadoo Broadband

  Thomo1 00:57 04 Jan 2005

Just reading through the upgrade info at Wanadoo.

It says that with there package you get a USB broadband modem.

Is this external??? (Sounds thick i realise but i like to be sure on everything before i part with the cash)

  Smegs 01:27 04 Jan 2005

Yes it is external. It plugs into one of your USB slots.

  PA28 08:24 04 Jan 2005

I can recommend the Wanadoo BB 1MB package. Modem is good and I've had a very satisfactory service from them. I've now installed a Wireless Modem Router (Belkin) and discarded the Wanadoo provided modem - this works fine too.

  Smegs 10:26 04 Jan 2005

The 1mb download limit is ok, IF you are not downloading anything.

But Thomo1 hasn't told us what they will be doing with it yet. We'll have to waite and she if he/she can shed some like on that one.

  Taylor44 10:35 04 Jan 2005

No your'e not thick!!It pays to be sure about what your'e applying for.The modem currently supplied by Wanadoo is the excellent Speedtouch modem.The software is excellent and connection is a breeze!!.Every person has different BT socket setups so make sure you follow the clear instructions from the Wanadoo pack and get your filters in the correct positions when you connect up.The download limit is 2Gig on the cheapest package but isnt applicable until sometime in February.Get in ther now for a bargain!!!

  bretsky 10:50 04 Jan 2005

I think you will find that PA28 is referring to the speed of his/her connection, not the download size limit, I have W/doo B/B 1Mb connection 2GB download limit with a speedtouch 330 external usb modem with 2 x micro filters supplied by W/doo which works fine.

Just make sure you can accept B/B from your telephone service provider eg B/T.

Make sure you check you monthly statements, I'm still waiting for a refund on an overcharge they debited my account 2 months ago!

bretsky ;0)

  Taylor44 11:03 04 Jan 2005

Sorry if you misunderstood!! I hadn't confused the connection speed with the download restriction.Was just outlining the fact that Wanadoo have not imposed the limits on downloads yet..

  Thomo1 13:48 04 Jan 2005

i will be using my BB for just general internet surfing and an average amount of downloading.

I will no where near reach the limits that the £17.99 package provides so that is more than enough for me.

I just get fed up of waiting for hours upon hours to download things on my lovely dial-up and i pay £14.99 on that now, so for £3 extra i could not find a valid enough reason not to upgrade!!!

My line says that it can support Wanadoos 1mbps service, so i presume thats what i will get.

I enquired as to whether it was external or not because currently i do not have a free USB port.

I dont use the scanner though so i will just unplug that!!!


  Smegs 14:15 04 Jan 2005

I can see what you are saying.

PA28, sorry about that.

  bretsky 16:42 04 Jan 2005

Had the same as you with freeserve, but for an extra £3 a month you will notice the difference like your email for instance, and when you update your programs to new versions-takes no time at all.

I downloaded a 96Mb zip file and it took just 8 minutes-fantastic! with freeserve anytime dial up service it use to cut me off after 2 hours and usually when you were in the middle of a download. Now I can stay on line all day and the beauty of it all, you can use the phone at the same time, when surfing the net, or people can ring you and not get the engaged tone for hours on end!!

bretsky ;0)

  Totally-braindead 17:09 04 Jan 2005

Worth mentioning here, read this advise from someone in the Consumerwatch Forum last year, he phoned Wanadoo to cancel his dial up and when asked why he said he was going to Broadband and Wanadoos was too expensive and he could get a better deal elsewhere, he got full speed unlimited Broadband offered to him at £19.99, the price at that time I think was £23.99. Told a mate of mine about it so he phoned as well and got the same thing offered to him. Since I saved him £4 a month I thought it not unreasonable to get a small percentage of what he had saved, once he stopped laughing at my suggestion he bought me a pint. Unfortunatly I can't try this myself as I'd already left Wanadoo, got Tiscali 5x broadband at the same as his 10x £19.99 a month. Worth a try Thomo1, see if they offer you anything. By the way I didn't seriously expect a percentage - it was meant to be a joke, free pint was a nice bonus though.

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