Wanadoo BBand & Equipment required + Micro Filter

  Giggle n' Bits 11:43 29 Jul 2004

Ok, thinking of signing up to the Wanadoo BBand as I am with them already on DIAL-up.

They say you can buy a different modem router called a SpeedTouch 510, is this really going to make life better if I purchased this instead of having there bundled freebie modem, would the connection be better ?

Also, Micro filters are Extra, Do you need Micro Filters on the end of an dial up modem as well as Telelphones ?

  TomJerry 11:59 29 Jul 2004

Only buy a router when you have more than one PC, otherwise just use the free one. I do not any difference what so ever.

As for microfilter, you need one for each phone (dial up modem treat as a phone). But, why you still need dial up modem?

You can get high quality microfilter from ebuyer for £3.99 click here

  Giggle n' Bits 12:20 29 Jul 2004

the reason I need a Dial up also is I have x2 ISP's one being my business.

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