Wanadoo Anytime

  Mikè 19:25 28 May 2004

Been looking at Wanadoo as a possible dialup ISP, do they have an hourly cap on their 24/7 anytime package?

Can't find any mention in their info.

  Old Shep 19:31 28 May 2004

I am on Freeserve anytime and can stay on all day and everyday if I wish. The only downturn is it disconnects you after 2 hours but you just connect again. If you mean by hourly cap how much download you can do I do not know as it has never affected me and never had a problem with it. Have been with Freeserve (Wanadoo) since about 1996 1p a minute days and have never had a problem.

  Mikè 19:35 28 May 2004

My small local ISP has just stuck a monthly 150 hour limit onto their anytime package, and after that you have to pay per minute.

I know this is quiet common these days.

  Cook2 19:36 28 May 2004

If you're worried about getting 'cut off' whilst downloading, just download Fresh Download, it's FREE click here

  charlton200 19:37 28 May 2004

I am also on anytime and also get cut off every 2 hours.Other than that I have no trouble at all.

  mulva42 19:37 28 May 2004

My 24/7 Virgin gives me no problems and stay on all day and night

  Mikè 19:48 28 May 2004

I'll try again....

Received from current ISP re my current 24/7

"The Anytime product now has a limitation of 150 hrs per month.

If you should reach the limits during any monthly period for either of the above products you can make use of our Pay As You Go service, for which you only pay local call charges, until you enter the next monthly period."

Previously I could connect for as many hours, in any one payment period without penalty but now if on for more than 150 hrs in month get thrown off.

Am seeking for a ISP offering true 24/7 (not fussed about 2 hr cutoffs) with no montly TIME limits.

  Installer 19:54 28 May 2004

Mike your first post is clear to me.

Virgin don't have any monthly time limits, not sure about Wanadoo.

  Mikè 19:56 28 May 2004

Thanks Installer of to look at Virgin.

  Old Shep 21:10 28 May 2004

As far as I know there is no cap on Wanadoo -
What is Wanadoo AnyTime?

Wanadoo AnyTime is an Internet access service that gives you free Internet phone calls day and night for a monthly fee of just £7.49 a month for your first three months and £14.99 a month afterwards.

You can use the Internet as often as you want as an AnyTime subscriber without worrying about your phone bill. This is the ideal option if you are a heavy Internet user or if you access the Internet for more than 2.5 hours a week during peak times (8am-6pm Monday-Friday).

  csqwared 21:20 28 May 2004

I've been on Freeserve (now Wanadoo) Anytime for a while and, as previously posted, no restrictions other than a disconnection after two hours. I have now opted for the Wanadoo broadband (2gb) package for only £3 a month extra with free connection and modem. If you look at their web site it details what the 2gb bandwith will give you. So far highly delighted. Running W98.


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