Wanadoo 1MB Broadband - Expletives required !!

  Tinkey Winkey 00:06 07 Oct 2004

I've just got Wanadoos BB 1MB up and running this evening after years of campaigning and waiting for BT to upgrade our local telephone exchange
(last Wednesday ).

Initially I sat here with my mouth open (no exageration )and had to keep pinching myself because of just how flippin fast it is, having never experienced anything faster than dial-up before ! Ha Ha .

As a certain V. Meldrew once said ...

" I don't believe it !"

Would recommend the wireless pack to connect multiple pcs - if only to stare at the flashing 'W 'logo - ooooooooooh !

I am a happy bunny !

I'm keen to check my BB speeds but the two computer icons in my system tray have disappeared so how can I monitor this please ?

PS can anyone tell me is the Wanadoo Wireless Thingy (shapped like a book) also a hardware firewall ?

Thanks gonna stare at the flashing logo some more ... oooooooooooooooohh !

  Tinkey Winkey 00:26 07 Oct 2004

It is the wee small hours and all is very quiet.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, whilst everyone is snuggled up in bed , a man is sat in a room all alone staring at a flahing W ...!

  pc moron 00:42 07 Oct 2004

I don't know about the Wanadoo Wireless Thingy, but you can do a speed test at click here

  dagwoood 01:41 07 Oct 2004

BodgeItAndScarper, you can get your monitors icon back by going into network connections, right click on you broadband adaptor, select properties and put a tick in the box at the bottom that reads "Show icon in notification area when connected".

This wont, however, display your current download speed, it will show you the avialable bandwidth of how you connect to your broadband modem(i.e, it you connect using a USB port, the typical value is 12Mbs and if you connect via an ethernet adaptor, the typical value is 100Mbs).

You can test your current download speed by doing an online speed test, pc moron's link is a good place to do this.

HTH, dagwoood.

  georgemac 06:08 07 Oct 2004

if it is a wireless router it should have a hardware firewall, can you identify it for us manufacturer/model

I too was a campaigner for our village - only got the 512 wanadoo but the difference is incredible

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