Wanadoo 1GB broadband ADSL system

  garioch 23:06 24 Jun 2004

I use windows XP home and until last month used dial up on freeserve/wanadoo. I changed to BB and received two filters and the modem.I have one filter on the main line into the house and the other on the extension upstairs at the modem etc.I have tried phoning Wanadoo helpline but they appear unable to help I have emailed them and again nothing. Everytime I use my phone or someone phones me the connection is severed. Sometimes I can reconnect whilst using the phone sometimes not.The idea of change was faster internet access and use of phone whilst on line.Any suggestions and has anyone else found this to be a problem.

  powerless 23:09 24 Jun 2004

Sure you've connected it all up correctly?

  garioch 23:34 24 Jun 2004

what do you mean. I followed the instructions(I think) and it works fine except when th phone is used.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:42 24 Jun 2004

sounds like filters not in right places or US or very noise line.

plug main phone into line socket on 1st filter
plug second filter into extension put modem into ADSL socket on second filter.

If any other phone equip i.e. answer machine /fax you will more filters.

  JACC 23:53 24 Jun 2004

I'm not sure if this will help you but you can try it anyway. I also had trouble, but with the 512kb service so i downloaded the latest drivers for the modem and thankfully it worked . Can you make sure that all your connections are ok , you might have a dodgy filter maybe . Is your phoneline going through a splitter of any kind ? I must say when i called the help desk with my problem they were very very helpfull , even calling me back to ask if all was well . I hope you get your problem sorted out cos you'll be flying with a 1gb sevice , good luck .

  DocHoffman 00:10 25 Jun 2004

Garioch means his connection is capped at 1Gb, not 1Gb download rate. Impossible for ADSL

  garioch 04:31 25 Jun 2004

thanx to all I will give it a go

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