Waking computer

  Peter Lanky 11:42 14 Mar 2010

My PC keeps waking up on it's own from sleep. I will need to check which devices can wake my PC, but to save checking every single device, which ones are most likely to do this on average?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:55 14 Mar 2010

Go into the BIOS and disable "Wake on LAN" and "Wake on Ring"

  skeletal 17:19 14 Mar 2010

I’ve been having similar problems with my son’s laptop. Have a read here for a few more ideas:

click here

Although it is doing it far less now, I’m not sure we have fully solved the problem. At this very instant I am removing McAffee to see what happens.

The trouble is, we’ll have to leave it a few weeks before we can be sure we’ve solved it.


  Peter Lanky 18:12 14 Mar 2010

Fruit Bat,

I disabled 'Wake up on LAN', but no 'Wake on Ring' is Bios. This didn't work anyway.


I think I've found a solution now. I'm using W7 Professional 64 bit so not sure if Home Premium will be the same but try:

Control Panel > System & Security > Power Options

you should now see a set of pre-set power options, which on mine is defaulted to one called called 'Dell', so yours is probably the same seeing as you also have a Dell.

click 'change plan settings' next to the selected power option
click 'change advanced power settings'

This opens a new box with a number of options

click on the + next to 'sleep'
click on the + next to 'allow wake timers'
change setting to 'disable'

hovering the cursor over this option will describe the action as 'Do not allow windows to wake from sleep on timed events'

  skeletal 22:19 14 Mar 2010

Oh right, thanks!

I’ll have to look at that (young son gone to bed now, with computer...he is the one who has been getting up at three in the morning to turn it off!!).

I wish manufacturers would make the default settings for all this stuff set to off. I would imagine that most people would rather not wish to wake up in the middle of the night to fiddle with computers (and there is the possible fire risk I mentioned in my thread).

Then, if you do want a computer to do something clever, let the user set it up for themselves.


  skeletal 21:28 15 Mar 2010

Peter Lanky: You are correct! My son’s laptop (it is Home Premium) was set exactly as you described, and I have made the changes you suggest.

It certainly looks very promising from the description “Do not allow Windows to wake...”.

Fingers crossed!


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