waitrose email folders retitled and emptied after shutting down

  SkiHibberd 09:45 24 Jul 2014

Last night after I closed my waitrose email account and shut down my laptop, something strange happened to my email folders. They were all retitled, bar INBOX, DRAFTS, SENT. For example, my BT folder was retitled INBOXBT, Trash became INBOXTRASH. I tried renaming them back to their original titles, but they keep defaulting back to INBOXBT etc. What is more distressing is that the contents of these folders (of which there are over 20) seem to have disappeared. The folders are empty. I have lost some very important documents and photos. Is there any way of recovering the lost documents and returning the files to their original titles? Just a thought...has someone hacked my account? HELP PLEASE

  Jollyjohn 12:34 24 Jul 2014


I f you open Internet Explorer and go here click here This is the log in page for waitrose eMail Are your folders and messages here?

Since you have a bt address as well go to BT.com and in the top right there is a button labelled eMail, log in here for your BT messages.

What eMail client do you use to check your eMail?

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