Wait for Nehalem?

  conradwebster 20:18 05 Jun 2008

I had decided on all the specs to include a P5K3-deluxe motherboard for my new pc until I read details of Computex. What about the P5Q-deluxe or the P45 chipset. And with more than an eye to power savings and full speed DDR3 a wait for Nehalem seems preferable. From reading various strands this appears to be the most popular option but that means the new pc will have to wait at least another 3-4 months.I would appreciate PC Advisor expert opinion on when to jump for an upgrade as future proof as possible. Thank you.

  Technotiger 20:49 05 Jun 2008

IMHO the future is Now - and in 6 months time, the future will still be Now! Why wait, and waste all that time?

Just me, in philosophical mood tonight :-)

But I think my question is a valid one!

  citadel 21:00 05 Jun 2008

there is a article over at anandtech.com and from the photo nehalem looks bigger, up till now I thought it would fit a p45.

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