Wacom Volito... User experiences??

  Simsy 08:41 24 Nov 2004

Hi folks,

I've been asked by wife/parents what I'd like for my imminent birthday/Christmas...

I'm in the fortunate position of not really wanting for much, so I've thought about it and come to the conclusion that a graphics tablet would probably fit the bill, as I do mess about with photos a lot...

Anyway, I've done a bit of research, (including searching this site), and given that the budget is "possibly up to about £50", I think the Wacom Volito is probably suitable, as it can be got for about £40.

Given that I am perfectly happy using a mouse, and that I only envisage using this for graphics/photo work, I'm looking for feedback from anyone who actually uses one of these.

Any quirks I should be aware of that might make it not suitable for what I want it for?

Thanks in anticipation,



  vinnyT 12:20 24 Nov 2004

Hi Simsy, I use the wacom intuos, any tablet by wacom is worthwhile having.

The Volito got superb writeups when first came out (about 1 1/2 yrs).

They take a bit of time getting used to, but are well worth the effort, I wouldn't use anything else for my photo/drawing work now.

Hope this helps.

  Simsy 12:33 24 Nov 2004

I'd gathered from research that wacom is the make to go for...

I'm really interested to hear experiences of those that have used this model.




  €dstowe 13:10 24 Nov 2004

No experience with that model but we use a number of different Wacom tablets - including large format ones. In my, and my staff's, opinion they cannot be beaten for versatility, reliablility and ease of use.

Once you've used one and become familiar with it, you will have little use for your mouse.

Go for it - if you even have only a slight interest in graphics and pictures - you won't be disappointed.

  Simsy 15:13 24 Nov 2004

I note from my research that you have recommended this make before.

The thing is that there is such a difference in price between this one, (circa £40), and the next on up, (circa £90), that I'd really like o get some feedback on this specific model.

(Not that your comments are welcome.. please don't think I'm disregarding the points that you've both made!!)

Anymore anyone?




  Simsy 15:15 24 Nov 2004

That sentence in brackets didn't come out right...

It should have said;

"Not that your comments aren't welcome..."




  €dstowe 15:31 24 Nov 2004

The differences between the models is mainly the supplied software, size and whether a mouse is provided with them (I think).

All operate on the same principle (which is different and much better than other brands) and I think for general use, the lower cost Wacom models are suitable.

I've just looked at the Volito web pages and it does appear to be supplied with some interesting and useful software.

  Simsy 16:50 24 Nov 2004

Yes, I noted that they work differently to others...

In the absence of pointers to the contrary, I think I am going to put this on the wishlist!

I'll leave the thread unticked for a day or so. I'm seeing my dad on Friday and if there've been no negative comments by then I'll tell him his gift problem is solved!

Thanks again,



  recap 17:08 24 Nov 2004

I like vinnyT use the wacom intuos here at work and can only reiterate what vinnyT has said about it.

Well worth the investment.

  jesta 17:21 24 Nov 2004

i personally own a wacom volito and i got to say its brillant although its not as good for drawing.mainly because its about A6 size.i would go for at least a A5 pad

  Simsy 19:09 24 Nov 2004

The pertinent isssue here is price!

The valito is about £40, the next one up more than double that.

All this does look promising!




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