wacom tablet misbehaving...

  darkreign 07:42 13 Mar 2008


Hello people. I've recently bought the wacom bamboo tablet for my vista computer. When i plugged it in vista automatically checked for drivers and installed them. I then tried to insert the installation disc into my dvd drive and found it didn't work. Thinking that the computer needed rebooting, i did so. when it started and my desktop loaded up the following message displayed before the computer shut itself off (blue screen);

"The security information is invalid or has been modified. This program will be terminated"

It gave me the normal options of start up mode i.e safe, normal etc. I chose normal and it booted up to finaly display the above message again but this time the sys did not shut down.

wacom tablet seems to be working fine but i can't find it anywhere on my start up or device manager! I replugged my usb mouse thinking to sort it out but no joy. I tried the disc but again nothing happens. I've discovered that none of my discs are being recognised? My dvd rom doesn't play them!

I suppose when bt fix my phone line and i'm back on the net i could try downloading the latest drivers for the wacom tablet and it might sort everything out (wishfull thinking).

Summing it up;

My dvd rom seems to have stopped working, and i keep getting the above message displayed everytime i start up?

Can you help in resolving any of the above issues?

Many thanks

  jack 08:14 13 Mar 2008

a lot of the time- but when one has a deep think about the logic perhaps sense creeps in.
Many manufacturers have not caught with Vista in their driver implementation- indeed some have said they are not going to it is Microsoft's problem not theirs.
So it could be Wacom is one of them
To get around this- go to Start/Programs/Accessories/system tools/compatibility wizard/ and reset the machine to run as XP or even 98.
This should sort the Wacom business and may even the DVD player business to.
Though why or how a bit of noncompat softwarecshould affest the player i canny get my hear around- it is a separate issue entirely i would think.

  Acx 08:20 13 Mar 2008

The message seems to happen to some versions of Coral software (which came with the tablet)

Try to fix this by disabling all coral software from start-up click here

But as you are having problems with the DVD drive aswell I would first try a system restore to before you installed the tablet.

  darkreign 08:56 13 Mar 2008

...Jack, if i understand it you're suggesting to reset the system to xp or 98. Does/would that mean changing my operating system to xp or 98? I'm not so sure i'd like to go back to those os as i quite like vista (i'm easily pleased), i'd much rather get rid of wacom instead if it came to that, (although wacom do state that bamboo is vista compatible).


I'm not sure i have any corel software on my system...at least i didn't upload any intentionally. but i'll check again. system restore is an option.

Thanks to both for your ideas, they're certainly food for thought.

  Diemmess 09:34 13 Mar 2008

I have had several Wacom tablets over the years (currently on an XP system) but never any bother to install once away from a serial port connection and into USB.

I think it may be trouble with the Optical Drive rather than the Wacom disk itself, though if you can read other disks it rather suggests lack of drivers for Vista.

Is there any sign of the tablet working, or present in Device Manager without loading the software?

  darkreign 10:10 13 Mar 2008

...to the extent of my knowledge (it's my first, so not too sure what to expect from it, but common mouse functions on the tablet are working).

It may simply be my optical drive, but then again, it also seemed to be working yesterday and the only changes since then was the wacom install (attempted). No disks are being read by my drive at the mo.

Device manager does not show up anything that says 'wacom tablet' or some such (although there are a few 'Human interface devices' on there, but i don't know what is what!

Thanks Diemmess

  Diemmess 10:43 13 Mar 2008

XP is amazing in the number of different drivers which are there to meet all sorts of installations.
I imagine Vista ought to be even better

[although there are a few 'Human interface devices' on there, but i don't know what is what!]
If there is a + sign in front of the Human.... click on it and if it were my computer you would see several references to Wacom.

I think you are finding the pen works, but as yet have no control of the touch pads on the tablet itself?

If you look in whatever Vista has for Control Panel, you might find an icon for Wacom-Tablet-Properties, and clicking on this will give you the ability to configure the tablet in detail.

Again If.. you are lucky you may be able to do without the Wacom CD, but that DVD drive needs checking.

  jack 14:12 13 Mar 2008

for all its 'apparent sophistication' a tablet is just another sort of 'rodent'
Thus removing the supplied software and letting the O/S sort it may be the answer.
As with stuff like digital Camera- it is often suggested supplied software is best left in the box
Windoze can do it all very well with out it.

Referring to my 'Comparability wizard suggestion'
Nothing changes as regard the operating system- it simply adopts a 'legacy' mode for a particular software- as I understand it.

  darkreign 08:18 14 Mar 2008

...a mysterious thing happened last night. I decided to insert the disk in again just to see what happens, and it read it, and installed the drivers for my wacom. My wacom now seems to work fine and can be found in device manager. I even managed to upload another program from a previous PCA disk. But then when i put in a music disk, my dvd rom decided not to work!

So my wacom problem sorted, (many thanks to you all), however i still get the 'invalidity' message appear whenever i boot up? and my dvd rom is selective of what it plays?


Thanks for clarifying that, I'll certainly give it a go.


you mentioned earlier that you've used tablet before, so is there design program that works simply and wonderfully with the tablet (i'd like to start drawing for potential web page)?

Thanks to you all.

  ventanas 08:30 14 Mar 2008

"Is there design program that works simply and wonderfully with the tablet"

click here

Cheaper version click here
These programs simply cry out for a tablet. You may heve got a cut down version with yours.

  €dstowe 08:53 14 Mar 2008

We have about 20 Wacom tablets of various sizes and designs and never had a problem with any of them but then, we're not running Vista (apart from one machine which doesn't have a tablet attached).

There is another thread running at the moment about Wacom and Vista so I'm wondering if there is some fundamental instability between the two which only manifests itself with some machines and not others?

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