wacom tablet drivers being loaded ?

  Morpheus© 08:08 03 Oct 2003

I have installed the serial version of the wacom tablet, and it works OK, with the latest drivers, but,each time the PC starts a message comes up, saying that it is building a driver data base, like it did when i first installed it, anyone any idea why..........thanks.

  Morpheus© 11:15 03 Oct 2003

no one at all? :-)

  Diemmess 12:39 03 Oct 2003

I wonder whether you have "2" tablets installed?

Should be worth checking in Device Manager and even a look in msconfig (Startup) to see what is there.

I still use an "old" wacom serial tablet, which has survived in different boxes and os installations. Though it is not ticked in Startup and is the first thing on the screen, disappearing before the full desktop appears it works fine when I want it. (This is Win98SE by the way.)

  alcudia 12:52 03 Oct 2003

Current tablets still behave the same way on start up. Both mine are USB. It's probably connected with this dectection proccess.

Morpheus. What version of Windows are you using.

  Diemmess 18:20 03 Oct 2003

Have had a table since Win95 days and they have all had a serial connection.
These days there is little sign of conflicts and IRQ bother but it used to be quite tricky to have a mouse, tablet and modem all on comX intY and then there was the sound card.

I'm sorry but the only thing I can think of is the time honoured procedure of disconnection, removal of drivers, reboot with nothing attached, and then reboot again with the tablet reconnected and once more install the drivers.

  Diemmess 18:22 03 Oct 2003

Of course I have had a table! for that - read tablet.

  Morpheus© 19:03 03 Oct 2003

hi, sorry i am late back, it is win98, i shall go through all the above and report back..thanks

  Morpheus© 19:50 03 Oct 2003

had a look in MSCONFIG, and sure enough there are two, but only one is ticked, they both have the same wording, do i just hilight one and delete it.


  keith-236785 20:20 03 Oct 2003


right click My Computer, properties, device manager. (My Computer, properties, hardware, device manager in WinXP)

see if the tablet is in twice, if so delete one (right click and remove or delete) and see what happens, if still no good remove both then shutdown and restart.

then let windows install the drivers for you.

that should solve it.

good luck

  Morpheus© 09:20 04 Oct 2003

thank you all for the help,there were two trying to load, taken one out, now it is ace...

when will i ever learn :-(

thanks ....

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