W98SE & IE 6

  David4637 15:34 26 Jan 2010

I know its "old hat" but will IE 6 work on W98SE. Reason is Hotmail web mail does not like IE 5.5 which works fine on all other web pages.
Can I still download it, and where can I get it from? Thanks David

  jjss 15:52 26 Jan 2010

Try this. click here

  David4637 16:29 26 Jan 2010

Thanks - thats a very promising start. I will investigate that link, and report back.
Any one else with any other help? David

  p;3 05:22 27 Jan 2010

IE6 will work on Win98se; it is about the only IE browser that will as other more modern versions are sadly incompatible with it

I'd be interested to know which Antivirus program you will be using.....

  David4637 15:41 27 Jan 2010

Thanks for confirming IE6 will work on w98se.
I have NEVER used any antivirus s/w or any windows updates for 8 years now. I HAVE NEVER BEEN "BITTEN." Is there a snag with antivirus and IE6? I do use ATI which is brilliant. Thanks David

  Clapton is God 15:54 27 Jan 2010

"Is there a snag with antivirus and IE6?"

No, but there is a 'snag' bordering on stupidity with not using any AV or Windows updates.

  David4637 20:39 27 Jan 2010

1. Thats my risk, in 8 years logging on every day for some 2 hours. I am very careful on the sites I visit.
2. I note from the link above the download is IE6 SP1, where as my w98se is at IE 5.5 sp2, will this cause a prob?
3. Is the IE6 SP1 download more than just upgrading IE?
Thanks for your replies. David

  jjss 22:23 27 Jan 2010

It's a long time since I used 98se & IE6 sp1 but as has already been said it's the latest version that will work with 98se.

As far as I can remember you cannot uninstall or turn IE off (as you can within Win7).

When you install IE6sp1 it will automatically update/upgrade your IE 5.5.

I seem to remember that you may get one or two other small desktop refinements such as a toolbar but I can't remember exactly what they were.

If you say that you are having troubles with IE 5.5 why don't you just bite the bullit so to speak and upgrade your IE?

  woodchip 22:27 27 Jan 2010

yes it will, later version had ie6

  woodchip 22:30 27 Jan 2010

I run a computer that is for all my mail and work though it's dual boot with XP I have never had a virus on 98se, this also does not need AV updates as the AV I us on it is not made to work that way. It boots ad runs faster than XP just wished it would work on a NTFS Partition

  woodchip 22:53 27 Jan 2010

This is what you need to download and install on your 98se computer, i did and it makes 98 far better

click here

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