W98se hangs ????

  chippy+ 16:51 07 Aug 2003

I reformated my daughters ageing computer because it kept hanging at different times and when different programs were being run when it froze it had to be turned off at the tower.
I formated it replaced mouse keyboard cd player
and modem checked device manager all new devicies are working ok but it still hangs can
anyone help thanks

  User-312386 17:00 07 Aug 2003

what programmes have you running in the background? To check this go to start>run and type msconfig, then look in the startup folder. If there are loads of programmes at startup then uncheck the ones that you dont want to run

How much ram have you installed?

  wee eddie 23:02 07 Aug 2003

Has she recently installed any software that is optimised for XP. This can cause problems

  xania 10:07 08 Aug 2003

Can you be more specific. At what stage does the PC freeze. Is it during the boot-up process, is it when a specific program is run.

If its the former, taking Madboy33's answer further, disable everything in msconfig and see if the problem persists. If it does, suspect a hardware problem and check that your CPU and memory are both firmly in place. If you have more than one memory chip, remove one and see if the problem goes, if not try the other - eliminate the alternatives.

If the problem goes, start putting items back nto msconfig one at a time until the problem reappears - that's your problem software. Remove it and all will be well - you can then investigate why its causing problems and get it working again.

Happy hunting!

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