W98 to XP Home

  orihuela 17:37 22 Aug 2006

Sorry not to know much but can someone advise me?

I am in Spain at the moment and going back to the UK in October. I have a laptop here with me WXP Home. When I get back to my house in the UK I have a desktop old W98 which I would prefer to use.

Can I upgrade the desktop to XP. I have an original WXP disk with the laptop - or won't that work? If not, how do I do it without buying an expensive upgrade kit.

  ade.h 17:54 22 Aug 2006

It will be acceptable if it is a full retail or upgrade copy.

However, I suspect that it is a full OEM copy, and thus would be illegal to use on any other hardware without a new license. Given the comparatively modest cost, I suggest that you buy a retail upgrade copy of XP, which can be installed in the same manner as any other (ie, a clean installation if required) and your old 98 CD will be examined during the installation.

If you do not have the 98 CD, then you could stretch the EULA a little bit by borrowing one or buy a full retail copy of XP. This assumes that your 98 license is full OEM or full retail. A retail upgrade copy of XP converts an OEM 98 license into a full retail 98 license.

I will not get into the possibility of buying an OEM copy of XP with some hardware as that is complex/questionable and I am not a lawyer.

  DieSse 22:54 22 Aug 2006

I think ade.h may be accidentally misleading you. Just to make it crystal clear - you cannot just install XP onto a second system, whatever version of XP it is - retail or OEM. The rules are one copy, one system only.

What you can do with a retail copy is uninstall it from your laptop - then re-install it on your desktop.

With an OEM copy, even this is not allowed.

On a seperate point - are you sure your Win98 system is up to running XP - enough RAM for instance? Is there any special reason you want to upgrade to XP?

Also consider that for £0 you could install a version of Linux on your Win98 system. You would quickly feel quite at home with Xandros, depending on what tasks you want to do. Xandros has a (legally) free download version. click here

  orihuela 13:05 23 Aug 2006

Thanks for that.

The reason I thought I should have xp on my desk top pc is because I want to network my xp laptop with it. Do I need to have the same operating system to do this?

  ade.h 13:09 23 Aug 2006

No; but it really, really helps if you have XP.

  al224 19:53 23 Aug 2006

you might be able too - but double check that you have all of the hardware needed otherwise you could damage the pc.

Look through system information and see whether you have

Pentium 3 or higher

10GB hard disc or higher

Also check the installation cd is original

  orihuela 10:28 24 Aug 2006

I think this will be the last question on this subject. Thanks for all the advice.

But - are the XP upgrades that can be purchased from the shops easy to install on my old W98 or should I dump the old machine and buy a new tower? I want it to work without it being too technical for me to understand.

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