W98 A fatal exception 06

  slow learner 15:57 30 Apr 2005

This appears on start up and says it has occured at 0000:00000143. If I keep pressing 'any key' as suggested I get several other windows - all appear to say programs are causing faults. If I press CTRL+ALT+DEL I am told the system is dangerously low on resources (I've checked - its 85% empty!). The only way to turn off is by the on/off button. I've tried safe mode and removed programmes not required any longer and checked hardware in device manager, but no faults appear to be present. Any ideas?

  Klof Ron 16:13 30 Apr 2005

The recourses mentioned maybe RAM or the system pagefile. I would check to see if you have a faulty stick of RAM. If this has just started it may be worthwhile to start a command prompt and from there type scanreg /restore which will give you some earlier registry dates to go back to. Failing this it may be a prudent time for a fresh install of the OS.

  octal 16:19 30 Apr 2005

Try an up-to-date scan for spyware or viruses that may have infected your computer and eaten up resources.

Try removing any old programs that you no longer use.

Go to Start Run and type msconfig and turn off any programs you don't need to startup when you boot the computer. After that, try a scandisk then defrag the hard drive.

Low resources are quite often caused by badly written programs. If they start when you boot the computer they can cause a real problem.

  slow learner 12:51 02 May 2005

Don't know how to check if I have a faulty stick of ram, but combining the two suggestions entered safe mode and ran a defrag, then command prompt and restored to earlier point. On start up I got a message that basically says a device file no longer exists and I should either uninstall the associated program if that was what I intended or if I still want to use it I should reinstall it. Its followed by C:\progra"1\SYMATEC\SYMAVNT.386 and press any key to continue. When I do all appears well. However, when I go into control panel to remove unwanted programs there are programs there that have already been removed (and attempting to remove them confirms this) and others that are on my desk top but not in the list to be removed. Do I leave well alone or is this symtomatic of another/ongoing problems?

  VoG II 12:56 02 May 2005
  slow learner 14:06 02 May 2005

After my last report I decided (too hastily?) to load Escan (from PCA disc) to tackle any spyware or virus problems. To outcome was a disaster. I was forced to reboot and every reboot suggested I need to reinstall my OS. I tried this and got to what appeared near to finishing when the same message as in my original report reappeared. Now nothing seems to work and I fear touching it without sound advice (and I'll promise not to dick about with my own ideas if I can still get back in!!).

PS thanks V0G - if only I could trust to get back in some way to try it, the solution you offer sounds promising for at least part if not all the problem.

  woodchip 14:17 02 May 2005

I would say you need to get some qualty Ram fitted. as it look's like a Memory fault

  Klof Ron 14:18 02 May 2005

It's probably time for a complete re-install of Win 98. Using a Win 98 start up disk to boot from, go into FDisk and delete all partitions and logical drives, it is important that you delete logical drives, extended DOS partitions and then the primary DOS partition in that order (that is if you have extended DOS partitions and logical drives), Then re-create the primary DOS partition and mark it as active, then format the drive and re-install your OS. Remember to back up anything you want to keep first and make sure you have all driver Cd's and/or floppy's to hand before you start. Good luck.

  woodchip 14:20 02 May 2005

PS before you do, Try this it may fix the Problem. If you have a Windows boot disc, Start with flopy disc at A:\> type FDISK /MBR press enter as there could also be a error in the MBR boot file. You can create a boot disc in Control Panel\Add Remove\Startup Disk

  slow learner 15:38 02 May 2005

Thanks Klof Ron, but if you don't mind I'll try woodxchip's offer first (I'm slow learner remember) and if no joy will come back to you for clarification on your suggestion. In the meantime can woodchip note I have two floppy discs of old 1.A W98 start up disc I created and 2. A W98 universal boot disc I created. Is it the latter I need, and A) do I do this in safe mode, B)how do I get to the A:\> type FDISK /MBR?

  VoG II 16:12 02 May 2005

Either disk should do.

Place the disk in the drive and restart your PC.

You should end up with a black screen with white writing showing the prompt A:\> followed by a flashing cursor.

Just type

fdisk /mbr

and press the Enter key.

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