W98 to 98SE Help Please ?????

  Green 1 02:08 03 Aug 2004

I need to upgrade to W98 se and a friend has the upgrade disc which he has never used and said I can have, if I use it will I lose all the prog`s and favourites Etc I have put on over the years and is it fool proof as i`m not techie and if I can do it wrong I will. Many thanks for any replies I may get.

  poogles_uk 08:14 03 Aug 2004

Is it really worth it?

I mean 98 to 98SE?

If its an upgrade disk you shouldn't lose your files, only if you reformat the pc!!

  Shas 08:22 03 Aug 2004

I upgraded from 98 to 98SE and all I did was to back up my data files beforehand just to be on the safe side. The upgrade was very easy and nothing at all was lost in the process.

  temp003 08:37 03 Aug 2004

Yeah, in 98, just put in the CD and choose upgrade. Always safer to back up important data first.

These days, a lot of device drivers don't support 98. 98se gets a better chance. For example, you can't get OHCI compliant firewire to work on 98. Probably not worth buying the upgrade, but if it's free, why not?

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