W95 Upgrade to what ?

  Lizybee 20:57 28 Feb 2003

I will take delivery of my new system in a few days time, my son who is a student will take over my old unit running W95. He wants to start afresh with the best he can afford so as to use Photoshop etc. What are his best options for upgrading and how easy is it?

  woodchip 21:19 28 Feb 2003

With out a doubt, Win98 from click here

  A Pound of Sausages 21:24 28 Feb 2003

Windows XP.

It's 2003 now, not 1998.

  powerless 21:26 28 Feb 2003

I doubt a 95 machine could upgrade to XP due to hardware limitations. Without a major upgrade, easier to buy a new PC.

98 would be they way to go.

  Sketch 21:28 28 Feb 2003

Windows 98SE

  Longhouse 21:31 28 Feb 2003

Definitly W98SE. I'm just about to do this myself. Powerless is right, hardware overhead with XP would very likely be too great for W95 machine. Be aware tho' MS are going to stop online support for W98 soon, download all the updates you can get!

  Switcher 21:46 28 Feb 2003

Win98se unless you are a masochist in which case XP.

  Switcher 21:54 28 Feb 2003

Re second part of your query. It should be straightforward to upgrade the operating sys to Win 98 or se.

If your son is starting afresh then simply format the HDD and install from scratch. If you want to put win98 over win95 you might have to rename win.com to fool setup into thinking that no op sys is installed. Try and acquire a win98 start up floppy first which will allow you to boot up with cdrom support.

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