W8's connection problems is driving me crazy

  Sly_23 11:52 22 Jan 2015

Recently, since I came to stay at my parents' place, i've started encountering weird problems with my connection. When i try to open ANY website for the first time in Chrome, i get a "errconnectiontimed_out" error, after i press reload, the page loads successfully, however, it still loses connection to the website sometimes if i'm uploading something. I've ruled out every possible source of the problem, i've tried other browsers (Opera, Safari), i get the same issue, i've looked at my firewall rules, I have no antivirus (I use Defender, that's all), and I cannot figure out what could be the source of the problem, keep in mind that it must be a Windows related issue, since if i switch to my other OS, Ubuntu, everything is fine (it still drops the wi-fi connection sometimes though), and my father is using an iMac and literally experiences no issues at all. I've also tried connecting to the ethernet, problem still remains, at this point, I've turned to you guys, maybe you have some idea of what's going on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:13 22 Jan 2015

I have no antivirus Defender is only antimalware get an antivirus installed and check for virus AVAST Free

  Sly_23 18:46 23 Jan 2015

You have got to be kidding me. I'm gonna need a guy with more knowledge to help me out, newbies GTFO, don't come around telling me to get an antivirus, Defender is and always will be enough, and W8 is secure enough also. Anyone with just that bit of computer knowledge knows that if you stay away from the obvious scams hidden in the pop-ups around the web, you're fine. However, to state my point, i will be installing Avast, scan my computer and post the results here.

  Sly_23 19:31 23 Jan 2015

click here my point proven.


  rdave13 19:57 23 Jan 2015

Your comment is fair up to a point. Usually Fruit Bat /\0/\ 's reply leads on to further suggestions according to your reply. FB is respected here and the more info he gleans the better idea he gets to help with the problem. Calling him , by association, a 'newbie' made me fall out of my chair with laughter.

GTFO is untoward and will only cost you hostility on these boards.

At least FB got you to download a very good AV freebie :)

Try rebooting the router, if allowed. Connect your PC first then connect everything else one at a time. It just might be the router's fault.

  john bunyan 20:10 23 Jan 2015

This is your first time here and you will get lots of help from people who are clearly far more knowledgeable than you - please do not use rude urban slang remarks. It would be helpful if you gave more information - What OS? - Connecting by Ethernet cable or Wi Fi? Windows Defender certainly needs additional or alternative anti malware etc - if you are interested ,let us know. Do you have the same problem with IE11?

  Sly_23 12:01 24 Jan 2015

Alright, to be fair, i might have exaggerated, but this issue is driving me crazy. I said in my OP that the issue is only with Windows 8.1, i have Ubuntu as my 2nd OS and i don't get this problem. I've tried connecting with Ethernet and i get the same issue, so it's not Wi-Fi related, and yes, i get the same problem with IE11, every browser I have gives me the same headache.

  Sly_23 12:19 24 Jan 2015

Here's another thing, I thought it might be the router's fault, so i tried connecting to it, but when i get prompted to introduce the username and password, i can't seem to access it with any kind of combination, seems like my dad accessed it a long time ago and forgot the password, what can I do now? I wanna access the router to try and change the channel, since we live in an apartment, and there's a lot of wireless signals around here, i thought it might be that there are multiple routers on the same channel

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:55 24 Jan 2015

Your thought of multiple routers on the same channel is a good one but that is more like to cause drop outs rather than no connection at all. However a reset of the router is a place to start.

If the the routers password is forgotten the the next thing to do is to reset the router - usually by a small reset button accessed through a pin hole. This will set the router back to its factory settings, passwords and usernames for each make and model of router are easily found on the net - most common being admin and admin password 0000.

"Although it may be free, our tests show that it isn't very effective. Even among free antivirus programs, you can do far better than relying upon Windows Defender." :0)

http: // www.tomsguide.com / us / windows-defender,review-2209.html

  Sly_23 12:53 27 Jan 2015

I have reset the router, gained access to it, changed the channel since my router was on the same channel as 3 other ones, i gained a more stable connection, however, the browser is still slow at times to open up websites and still gives me the "errconnectiontimed_out" error. Any other thoughts?

  Secret-Squirrel 13:54 27 Jan 2015

".....in Chrome, i get a "errconnectiontimed_out" error, after i press reload, the page loads successfully..............i've tried other browsers (Opera, Safari), i get the same issue......"

Go to Control Panel -> Internet Options -> "Connections" tab -> "LAN Settings" button. Make sure that nothing in that window is ticked.

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