W8.1 Freezing : runs for 3 minutes and then freeze

  mrwoof 22:26 15 Nov 2018

W8.1 Freezing. Symptoms: W8.1 runs for 3 minutes and then freezes. access to the cursor, nothing else. Forced restart and see a change in log in detail. Previously I used a 4 digit pin, now it needed my hotmail password. Checked : Task Manager, no wild processes & all appeared normal. Page file, System managed. Ran System Restore which failed to detect previous snapshots. Ran SFC Scan now, OS froze after 20%.
Then into Safe Mode and again system froze after 3 to 4 minutes. Now this something new. Thinking possible hardware now. Fan kicking as normal, not running hot. So reseated the SSD drive and Ram and did the battery out / hold power button. No improvement. Digging deeper, with multiple restarts, checked Disc Management and then System Restore which showed 2 entries for C, one label "System" the other "Missing". (See Image 1) While trying Configure on the missing C drive an error indicated wrong path. (Image 2) So the only recent change was an auto upgrade to Malwarebytes trail, have disabled that on start up. No change. So at this point I'm lost! Hope I have detailed the issue so someone can help with diagnosis.
Image 1: click here 2 click here


  rdave13 23:22 15 Nov 2018

On any power button you see press and hold the shift key and restart. In the 'Choose an option screen' select Troubleshoot. In that screen select 'refresh your PC'. You won't lose data (hopefully) but will lose all installed programs/apps. Before you try that, though, boot up and once on the desktop, hold the power button to force a cold shutdown. I'd try it twice in case there is an update that's 'stuck'. I've seen it on two laptops where a forced shutdown has initiated an update that didn't complete originally. If you think it is hardware related then try installing Windows on a spare drive you might have.

  mrwoof 23:34 15 Nov 2018

Considered the Refresh option but concerned that if it froze during that process more issues introduced. Any thoughts on the 2 "C" drive entries detected in the Sys Restore image? thanks for your time.

  mrwoof 14:16 16 Nov 2018

After sleeping on it, to eliminate a memory fault, I ran mdsched.exe in a preboot environment and no errors found. This process ran for "several minutes". I attch a fresh msinfo32 file to assist in possible diagnosis.

click here

  Bris 19:08 16 Nov 2018

The usual cause of the "missing" drive is when you clone an HDD (including restore points) to another drive. The original C drive is no longer accessible hence the "missing" label and when you try to access it you get the path not found message as there is no longer a link to the original C drive. You can usually remove the "missing" entry by disabling it then it should disappear. You appear from your link to be trying to turn it on.

Have you cloned a drive and then installed it in another PC? This would account for the problems you are getting.

Hope this gives you a few clues.

  mrwoof 22:21 16 Nov 2018

Interesting, I have now turned off that missing drive and it has disappeared. Unfortunately no improvement. And yes, my current SSD is a macrium clone of my factory fitted drive installed several months ago without issue till now. If you have time, perhaps you could look at a txt of the first few error entries I captured from "event viewer". Also I have a link to the Dxdiag, all in search of a clue! DxDiag click here viewer click here


  Bris 18:44 17 Nov 2018

If it has been running OK for a couple of months then its unlikely to be the cloning that has caused the problem but what is of concern is that if SFC stalls then this is indicative of OS corruption that is outside of SCRs ability to fix.

Not having any luck seeing your latest links! Sorry but short of time.

  rdave13 18:51 17 Nov 2018

Try removing your printer drivers if you have time. That's an obvious issue and then reboot. See how it behaves.

To check an SSD open CMD as admin and run the command chkdsk /f as it might fix file system errors.. Don't run the ' /r ' command as no need to check for bad sectors on it.

  Bris 21:03 17 Nov 2018

Also remove any non essential USB devices and try a clean boot click here.

  rdave13 21:15 17 Nov 2018

I suspect the SSD but a clean boot is worth a try. Hence my previous comment;

If you think it is hardware related then try installing Windows on a spare drive you might have.

At least that will eliminate that the drive is okay or not..

  mrwoof 01:27 18 Nov 2018

Thank you all for your input. A big part of this issue is I only have a working system for about 3 minutes before all freezes, so I can't run dism Cmds or SFC So start with Chk disc log: Checking file system on C: Volume label is Acer. Stage 1: Examining basic file system structure ... 623360 file records processed. File verification completed. 7560 large file records processed. 0 bad file records processed. Stage 2: Examining file name linkage ... 692374 index entries processed. Index verification completed. Stage 3: Examining security descriptors ... Security descriptor verification completed. 34508 data files processed. CHKDSK is verifying Usn Journal... 41641352 USN bytes processed. Usn Journal verification completed. Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems. No further action is required. 214376447 KB total disk space. 64085828 KB in 169168 files. 119700 KB in 34509 indexes. 741751 KB in use by the system. 65536 KB occupied by the log file. 149429168 KB available on disk. 4096 bytes in each allocation unit. 53594111 total allocation units on disk. 37357292 allocation units available on disk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage 1: Examining basic file system structure ... Stage 2: Examining file name linkage ... Stage 3: Examining security descriptors ... Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems. No further action is required. 00830900A61B0300C6E4050000000000B50100002E0000000000000000000000 No detected issue here, Next I found an article referring to "C" the missing drive : click here useful here in my case.

Event viewer threw up the unexpected. Latest repeated entries on 2 fronts. 1. Source Printer service ID 370 2. Source WMI ID 4 I've attached a raw text file with details revealed. The last error listed has scores of entries. I see the printer errors are a windows "thing" no reference to the suit of Cannon software. So I stopped & disabled the spooler service, rebooted to see if any improvement.....nada ! Disabled printer entry in Device Manager...nada Event viewer text click here was then advised the following as a result of these logs: "From what I've found on that WMI error, that would seem to be the problem.

I've copied & pasted these steps from an article which has resolved that error.

Open a Command Prompt (Admin) and follow the steps to rebuild the WMI Repository and then check the results.

a. Disable and stop the WMI service. sc config winmgmt start= disabled net stop winmgmt b. At a command prompt (Cmds), change to the WBEM folder. cd %windir%\system32\wbem c. Rename the repository folder rename repository repository.old d. Re-enable the WMI service. sc config winmgmt start= auto e. Run the following command to manually recompile all of the default WMI .mof files and .mfl files cd %windir%\system32\wbem for /f %s in ('dir /b *.mof *.mfl') do mofcomp %s f. Reboot the system. shutdown /r /t 00

If there's still a problem then the WMI may need re syncing which you can do with these two Cmds - regsvr32 wmisvc.dll winmgmt /resyncperf shutdown /r /t 00

I repeated that full process and no change. Making sense of these logs is beyond me. I still see reocurring error id 4 relating to WMI Then advised: "I noticed in Windows Error Reporting in your msinfo32 there was one reported for IE and Explorer.exe. Click on Turn Windows features on or off then uncheck the box for IE - OK then reboot, but it's best if you have another browser installed first". This resulted in a "Cathostropic" Error code 0x8000FFF, see image. Now at this point I see Win system error reporting files of 1.3Gb. To me this indicates multiple issues. As the device is deteriorating its time for me to consider my recovery plan. Nuke & Pave, unless you can see a solution that is, assuming you are still reading this. thanks all for your time

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